I Guess I’m Going >.> (MAGfest ’15 edition)

Despite having no panels, I decided that I might as well go. Why?

-To see ppl. I met this year
-See mofo Best Friends Zaibatsu
-I live in the area, close enough where I could drive there every day no problem

So, there you have it; might as well go. There’s also the fact I dragged so much @$$ canceling the hotel reservation that I decided to just shorten it by a night & fill it via the forums (so, yeaaahhhh >.>). Lastly, I’m trying to have a JRPG meet-up to talk all things JRPGs, akin to my panel I had there, but we’ll see how that goes.

Feel free to share this to get the word out about a JRPG meet-up. Will super appreciate it ^.^