Katsucon ’15 Panel Line-Up

Here’s my Katsu ’15 panel line-up, which is pretty freakin’ awesome if you ask me XD

  • Sit Down, STFU, & Play This J-RPG (Awesome Edition) – Friday in Live 5 @ 1100EST
  • How to Become a Quality Panelist – Friday in Live 5 @ 1230EST
  • Yaoi & BaraTropes & Trends 3-Bigger, Longer, Harder MOTTO!! (18+) – Saturday in Live 3 @ 0130EST
  • Let’s Go to ‘The World’: A Panel About the .Hack Games​ – Sunday in Live 7 @ 1330EST
  • Bleach: Shunpou Edition – Sunday in Workshop 2 @ 1430EST

Also, I plan to cosplay casual Envy! Luka (Vocaloid), Gluttony! Meiko (Vocaloid), & Grimmjow Jaegerjaques (Bleach) for this con.

Anyway, see you in a month =^.^=


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