Going to ACen 2015 XD

(Taken from my FB status ’cause I’m lazy >.>)

Guess who’s going to Anime Central?! THIS DAIMYO XD
So far I’ve got 3 panels approved

  • Yaoi & Bara T&T: You Put What WHERE?!
  • Sit Down, STFU, & Play This J-RPG (Awesome Edition)
  • Have You Seen This Anime?

Super hyped (obviously). Didn’t think I would get anything in b/c it’s another big con which I can only assume has a lot of panel submissions (it’s a few thousand smaller than Otakon) & b/c I like to keep expectations realistic. Also hyped that I got one of my newer panel ideas, ‘Have You Seen This Anime?’, approved. Basically, going over anime I’ve seen in my childhood & just seeing who else have seen it as well as, essentially, anime recommendations. May even have some newer things in there.

Anyway, have a lot waitlisted (not getting my hopes up but still)…& now I have to get plane tickets & a hotel (@.@)

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