Anime Boston Is a Thing Now, I Guess ~.~

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Feb. 26, 2015

Although I was a bum yesterday & didn’t watch any movie *or* work on cosplay stuff, I did find out I got 2 panels accepted to Anime Boston >.>

They are:

  • Bleach: Shunpou Edition (oh, Breachiru)
  • Melody of a Lifetime: The Ar Tonelico series

I’m hoping to get at least 1 more accepted (like my yaoi one) but we’ll see. Previously I had 2 rejected & the other 12 wait-listed (yes, I submit a lot), but I guess I’m literally & figuratively moving on up.

I feel really meh about it since I already kinda wrote it off & am fully committed to ACen, which is the next month, & the fact I have about 9+ cons I’m going to this year (which is a lot for someone who works full-time M-F + leave balance situation + hotel costs). However, I still want to see it at least once & I can get roundtrip plane tickets for under $240, so there’s that.

Anyway, unlike ACen, I booked my own room at the con hotel, so now I guess it’s time to fill it; I.e., hit me up if you need space.


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