ZOMG, Amnesia: Memories Otome Coming State-side XD

Here’s the trailer & article
To be perfectly honest, like Gakuen Heaven, the anime was mediocre at best, I just wanted the date sim. In Amnesia’s case, the visuals & character designs were gorgeous & I loved the concept for the plot, but there was no US release for the original 2 date sims at the time the anime came out & I was super disappointed…not anymore now XD

Supposed to be coming out later this year in August on the PS Vita via he PSN, so I can’t wait. Also, love getting games justifying the purchase & existence of the Vita ^.^


Recent chapter of Bleach…

ch. 624, Bleach

ch. 624, Bleach



You know how I was when Aizen came back & all the feelz for that?  It’s like that times infinity, I can’t breathe right now & I’m going to have to take a break from the internet so I can cope w/ EVERY FEEL KNOWN TO MAN @.@  I thought I knew what fangirling was, apparently I f***ing didn’t until now X.X


Minor Rant: TROLLZ on Convention Social Networks

(Heads up: ‘Minor’ rant turned into a relatively long article ~.~)

I just love annoying trolling a’holes on convention Facebook pages/groups -_-  Like, you post a simple “Can someone help me with X”, “Can someone suggest…”, & for me “Please help me decide my Saturday cosplay for ACen!“, which is literally a vote or don’t situation.  Had to get the *retards that: a) obviously didn’t read the post at all; b) think their unfunny trolling is super hilarious (let’s call them UTards: YouTube retards that leave a million in one troll comments on any given YouTube video).  Stereotypical YouTube commenter logic doesn’t work on YouTube, let alone anywhere else, so seeing this when posting something inherently unoffensive is super annoying.

The icing on the cake is that I know that they think it’s funny to do it to other ppl., but if I or anyone else did it to them they would have several million statuses complaining about it/block the person.  What happened to a little thing called “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”?  ‘Cause you should really try it.  As far as I’m concerned, my belief is that you shouldn’t do that since it’s only a matter of time before you get outmatched & outclassed & you’re left looking a fool.

Legit, blocked about 4 trolling do*ches w/in 10 minutes b/c they thought it would be soooo hilarious to comment other options…despite the poll on the site I included having set choices..?  How is this funny exactly?  I have a post on my blog that’s collecting results, why would I care about you’re b.s. suggestion?  It’s not f’ing funny in the slightest X/  That was 1/2 of the stupid comments, the other half kept giving me unsolicited “I would’t take cosplay advice from others; just do what you want” type advice; i.e., “I didn’t didn’t read the post at all” type comments.  To which I responded “It’s my choice to ask for help, not anyone else’s”.  Seriously? You do realize you’re being a self-righteous illiterate prick when you start doling out advice that doesn’t even relate to the post ~.~ (smh).  F**ing cosplayers, man, freakin’ self-righteous socially retarded idiots (some of them) ~.~

As for my blocking ppl., got to that point b/c in both the original post & comments I asked ppl. to not comment “JUST FOR THE TROLZ” or make it clearly obvious they commented before they read anything (unsolicited cosplay “advice”)…& I still had the dumb@$$es who didn’t quite get the ‘hint’ X/  Additionally, had this one social tard keep commenting & just could not understand that I was polling on the narrowed down choices; i.e., I know what I want to cosplay, I just need to narrow it down to 1, more importantly, I didn’t ask for nor do I care about your opinion, just f**k off X/  Like, I don’t know what your thought processes are to think it’s OK to essentially force your “advice” on someone who clearly doesn’t want it, but it’s not OK, don’t do it -_-

I hate crap like this b/c it’s exactly things like this that turn ppl. off from FB groups/pages of cons, if not, outright turn them off from the convention entirely.  So, please don’t do this.  No one finds it funny, it’s annoying, you wouldn’t like it if someone did that to you, & it’s a little thing called ‘Block’, ppl. will invoke it & then you’ll be left looking like the idiot you are ~.~

*(Incidentally, since I know ppl. get their knickers in a knot about this, when I say retard, I mean it the way the word’s meant to be used, so please spare me your complaints)

ACen 2015 Cosplays

With the exception of my Saturday cosplay “dilemma” & tie-breaking, the planned cosplays I have for ACen are:

The order’s probably going to be Grimmjow for Friday, *Saturday cosplay dilemma, & Cliff/Duke Venomania Sunday…or drop Cliff altogether & just do DV >.>  Still trying to decide (might just drop Cliff).  I know some other SO friends will be @ ACen, so I’ll bring Cliff regardless ~.~

UpDaTe (4/21/15)

So, plans have changed.  With the poll over & switching some things around, new line up is…

Grimmjow Friday, Codarl i (Venom) Saturday & at some point I’ll be Cliff since I know some fellow SO 3 fans will be doing their SO 3 stuff too, & Dio for Sunday.  Saturday’s gonna be kinda wonky, but both costumes will be relatively easy to take off/put on, esp. since I’m making Codarl like a body suit with the extra pieces being attached via velcro/magnets.

AB 2015 Updates Coming Soon!

So, between cosplay stuff, panel & related stuff, con article(s), (regular life), etc., got a lot to update with the blog.  W/in the next few weeks you will be seeing stuff, so definitely stay tuned.  Better yet, follow/subscribe (to) my blog so you always get updates whenever I post anything ^.^  I had Shinakophotos do my photos, so it’s going to take a bit before I get cosplay pics posted to my FB page.

I now have ACen coming up, so I’m still super busy preparing for cons (never stop preparing for cons ~,~), so things are taking longer than what they should (as usual >.>).

Anyway, will be getting to that, in the meantime, will be posting a poll for what 3rd cosplay I should do for ACen.