FanDONT: Moe Fans *shivers*

Just another “Facebook gem” as it were.  This time on how much moe fans piss me off…& creep me the f**k out (@.@)

“Due to a recent experience, I’m gonna put this here…

Besides already *strongly* disliking moe (it’s child pornography/d*mn close, don’t even try to justify it), starting to have/been had an intense dislike w/ the fandom as well. I have never experienced a fandom so hypocritically judgmental before in my life. They borderline have a homophobic hatred for yaoi…but love what’s arguably nothing but child pornography??? I’ve never had good experiences w/ anybody from this fandom, they’re usually creepy balding older guys that should have stop going to cons long ago whom are also socially awkward to the nth degree & remind me of everything I hate about “otaku culture”.

OP fans piss me off & (as long as we’re not talking about Bleach), aren’t that hypocritically judgmental; Homestuck fandom isn’t actually that exclusive, just super annoying; Hetalia fandom has calm down a while ago; Bronies never bothered me, but freakin’ moe fans…*shivers*

Now, if you identify as being a part of the moe fandom, then keep this s** in mind & do your absolute best not to fall to this fallacy. As a yaoi fangirl (& w/ one of my best panels being my yaoi/bara one), I can say for a fact that it’s really the younger not legal girls that are the stereotypical “yaoi fangirls” (& even then)…& *still* manage to not be nearly as d*uchebaggish as moe fans, & it’s shameful seeing any fandom be that close-minded to the point of coming off as anti-LGBT, but holly f**k, screw that fandom -_-“

I honestly have a ton of reasons why I hate moe, namely of the lolicon variety, but this rant’s focus on moe fans.  It’s just baffling how blatantly hateful & hypocritical this fandom can be…as well as how creepy & socially awkward ~.~  It’s honestly f’ing disgusting, but as I said, if you act like this, all the shame; if you’re a moe fan & you don’t, awesome, I really mainly care about how fans treat each other & less on their fandom focus, but certain fandoms find a way to cross every line -_-  Oh, & how can I forget the obvious, don’t have an equal hatred for yaoi’s counterparts (yuri & hentai), juuusssttt yaoi ~.~  Of course >.>

Lastly, I know “creepy anime fans” come in all shapes & sizes, I’ve seen the ‘annoying/creeper moe fan guy’ as a thin, twig of a socially awkward guy, still w/ the intense hatred of BL (like it did something horrible to them) & general creepiness.  It’s just when it’s a balding White guy that has an obsession w/ WWII facts…probably a moe con creeper (but, of course, you won’t know until you see their con purchases of Kancolle figures, then you know for sure) >.>


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