Favorite Debate “Tactics”

Since I recently came up w/ a new panel idea & this relates, might as well write a “quick” post about it.

One of my favorite debate “tactics” when dealing with fandom related arguments is “your opinion doesn’t count b/c I said it doesn’t”. Not because of something more practical like my statement having shaky logic, I’m misquoting something to ‘support’ my argument, or even whatever I said not being relative to the argument, nope, just “I don’t really have a good point to rebuttal that, so I’m going to use some arbitrary b.s. reason to completely “discredit” your point” ~.~

This is all kinds of no. Basically, the good ‘ol “I can’t possibly be wrong/you can’t possibly be right” logical “fallacy”, where you refuse to admit someone made a good point b/c you’re always right & have perfectly flawless logic (X/). Sometimes, whether you want to admit it or not, someone has a perfectly sound counter argument that you couldn’t possibly argue & you just have to accept that & move on, not go full-on weeaboo manchild & immediately start throwing the weakest of “rebuttals” to defend your honor , you just come across as pathetic manchild of a ‘sore loser’, for lack of a better term.

To sum up the questionable logic as succinctly as possible: I said a particular show generally isn’t a good starter for someone trying to get into anime (AoT/SnK); they said it is; I counter w/ ultra violent shows depicting violence towards/maiming of children in fact isn’t a good series to get ppl. into anime; (their weaksauce reply?) well, live action stuff is violent (which, therefore, makes violent anime totally OK as a starter series) so my point is moot.

Just…just, no. This logic is all kinds of wrong, so I don’t even know where to begin. For starters, you’re implying that all current anime fans like violent anime, those yet to be indoctrinated generally won’t mind violence (esp. violence against children), & that violence is a universally accepted thing in which everyone loves & enjoys violent shows, which is wrong on multiple fronts. Not everyone enjoys violent live action medium in general, not everyone partakes in violent anime, everyone doesn’t enjoy children being maimed, etc., etc. It’s about as out of touch a rebuttal a weeaboo can give X/ Like, this man is educated, they should know better, & the best he could muster was “well…I don’t really have a good counter to that so…your argument is now invalid for raisins..?”. If you don’t have a good counter, accept it & move on, don’t dig yourself into a deeper hole & come across as an uneducated weeaboo elitist.

Like I stated before, the logic “your point doesn’t count b/c I said so” is about as weak an argument as you can give, besides the “precious perfect series” logic, & it’s shameful to see someone celebrated as being super educated & knowing his way around anime use such a…a…dumb defense for their point. It’s truly pathetic.

In other words, don’t do this kids. You come off looking incredibly stupid, elitist, a total weeaboo, & like you don’t know your head from your arse when it comes to academic debates. Refusing to accept someone’s rebuttal does not discredit their point, it just shows how immature you are.

Yay! Cosplay Madness & Total ZETSUBOU~!

So, these are the cosplays I have coming up for Otakon 2015 (no, I don’t give a s**t about how Ota’s the WORST CON EVAR simply b/c you can’t afford it >.>), one added due to getting my Dangan Ronpa panel accepted as I discussed in this post:

So, as you can probably tell, I’ll be f***ing losing my mind for Ota this year, as usual. Fortunately, the way I have my Dangan Ronpa panel framed in my mind I know exactly what I want to do. Additionally, since I’ll only have an hour to do anything that significantly cuts back on how adventurous I’m going to be w/ this panel b/c I simply won’t have the time. Furthermore, due to this significant reduction in the workload I’ll have when it comes to this panel this means I won’t have to spend a lot of time getting everything together, so it all works out.

Again, you can keep track of all this madness on my cosplay FB page, which I highly recommend liking so you can keep tabs on everything since my cosplay & panel stuff are intertwined when it comes to my con adventures. More importantly, don’t be surprised if there are longer than usual breaks of me posting, since I’ll be going in full throttle in getting these cosplays done (nvm keeping everything running smoothly in my regular, more boring life).

You’ve been properly warned ~.~

AMA 2015 Report

Since my FB status summed up everything pretty well, I’m just going to use that w/ a few minor additions:

Original post 6/23/2015…
So, AMA, a.k.a. Oppression-con, a.k.a. #DatAssCon, was officially my chill la kill con, as it were.  Had so much fun!  Meeting old friends, making new ones, meeting mutual ones, etc., etc., it was great!  Talked a lot about all the ways AMA was oppressing & how we were oppressing each other w/ one group, talked panels & such w/ the other; everything was #FABULOUS.

I mean, the tent(s) situation was s**t & ruined pretty much any panel that was in there, guest or not.  Upon going to the feedback session, learned both the con & hotel staff didn’t like the situation b/c those weren’t the tents they originally ordered, but, let’s be honest, having tents at all is a horrible idea.  If I were to offer any possible solution it would be to get rid of most/all the video rooms, since they aren’t doing that well anyway, & convert those to panel rooms (or put video rooms in the tents).  Not mofo tents X/

Personally, my own panels were OK.  Cosplay Smarter I either need 2 hours for or split it into 2 separate panels, which is most likely going to be the way I go; .hack went pretty well, too bad it was the 1st panel in that room for the day so the room was locked & the projector wasn’t set up; I only had an hour, so delaying it even more kinda irritated me; Figures to the Max! was the first time I outright didn’t have ppl. show up (not surprised, first panel in one of the tents on Sunday), but had a great chat w/ the person stationed to that “room”.

All in all, staffing seemed really off this year, at least w/ Programming.  I mean, I really loved this year’s experience w/ the con overall, but if Programming is going to be this…snotty I guess is what I’ll go w/, then f**k AMA.  I’m not coming all the way down here for barely 3 panels.  I can go to bigger cons & not get nearly as much of a hassle like I did w/ this one, & I wasn’t the only one.  So, hopefully, that s**t gets straightened out for next year.

Lastly, saw/found my new fav panel I look forward to every year; the comic book one hosted by Emanuel & several other awesome ppl, Aldrich being one of them.  Now, to be perfectly honest, at one point someone was being pissy that the panel wasn’t “beginner enough”, but if you have time to b***h about that, you could have just, you know, asked whatever particular ques. you had that would have brought the convo to being more n00b friendly…& *not* be an annoying a**hole >.>

Anyway, great time (being oppressed), great ppl., staff was good but Programming has some soul searching to do, f**k the tents, & that’s about it ^.^  Now to focus on Otakon stuff ~.~

Also, decided I’m going to shoot for Sangawa Project (http://sangawaproject.com/) this year too as suggested by Charles seeing as it’s more 18+ friendly among other things.

So, like I said, it sums up everything quite nicely on my feelz with this con. I had a great time but the Programming dept. could potentially be the sole reason why I don’t return (why go somewhere that’s this annoyingly difficult to get panels accepted to?), otherwise, I can still see me leaving this as a permanent stop on my con tour list for years to come. However, hopefully they’re able to move to a bigger & better venue in the not-too-distant future b/c they could definitely use the space.

Besides that, yet again I need to rethink & reimagine my Cosplay Smarter panel & basically split everything covered between 2-3 panels so I can keep it no longer than 1.5 hours. Otherwise, I really like how that panel turned out.

Cosplay wise I did a whopping 5 costumes this time around, which is a lot for me (usually do 3, 4 if one has alternate outfits [like Grimmjow]). Friday I was the new version of Grimmjow  (Bleach) earlier in the day & his Espada form in the evening. Saturday I was Sailor Ukitake (Sailor Moon/Bleach crossove4) w/ some friends while they were Sailor Hitsugaya & Rangiku Mask respectively & we were the Sailor Shirou Scouts (+ Rangiku Mask). Sunday I was an OC of sorts I call the Kiseru Woman which was Geisha & Yakuza (more or less) inspired. I’ll post pics of all when I get everything, otherwise you can keep tabs on them all on my cosplay FB page.

Lastly, I plan to post the PDF files & resources for all my panels I gave this con soon-ish, so please stay tuned when I get those up. In either case, I’ll make a blog post when I update the respective pages.


UPDATE: 7/1/15

Here are some samples of my AMA 2015 insanity cosplay track.  Can see the rest on my cosplay FB page.

F**k, Yeah! Panel for Otakon XD

Just going to take my FB post which sums everything up nicely:

Whoop, whoop!! Got a panel accepted to Otakon 2015 😀
Eternal Zetsubou! Dangan Ronpa Series.

Super hype about this XD

F**k, I’m gonna have to do a DR cosplay now ~.~ I don’t *have* to but I *want* to. You’ll see why this is a gargantuan task post AMA. >.> I could do Akane, who’s super easy & I have more than enough bewbs for, or go for a more liked character, like Pekoyama (granted, it’s not like I don’t like Akane). I honestly like all the characters from DR2, save Mahiro (& even then), but I would love to do Peko.

Also, if you didn’t get a panel accepted, don’t fret, there’s always next year. I don’t care what anybody says, Otakon’s notoriously difficult to get panels accepted to & it seems to go a looonnnggg way if you ‘know someone’ or ‘know someone who knows someone’, just sayin’ >.> Doesn’t mean it’s impossible, just relatively difficult & to some degree purely luck based >.>