Yay! Cosplay Madness & Total ZETSUBOU~!

So, these are the cosplays I have coming up for Otakon 2015 (no, I don’t give a s**t about how Ota’s the WORST CON EVAR simply b/c you can’t afford it >.>), one added due to getting my Dangan Ronpa panel accepted as I discussed in this post:

So, as you can probably tell, I’ll be f***ing losing my mind for Ota this year, as usual. Fortunately, the way I have my Dangan Ronpa panel framed in my mind I know exactly what I want to do. Additionally, since I’ll only have an hour to do anything that significantly cuts back on how adventurous I’m going to be w/ this panel b/c I simply won’t have the time. Furthermore, due to this significant reduction in the workload I’ll have when it comes to this panel this means I won’t have to spend a lot of time getting everything together, so it all works out.

Again, you can keep track of all this madness on my cosplay FB page, which I highly recommend liking so you can keep tabs on everything since my cosplay & panel stuff are intertwined when it comes to my con adventures. More importantly, don’t be surprised if there are longer than usual breaks of me posting, since I’ll be going in full throttle in getting these cosplays done (nvm keeping everything running smoothly in my regular, more boring life).

You’ve been properly warned ~.~


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