Quick Thoughts on Ultra Despair Girls

How my day went yesterday/early this morning…
“Just going to play a few hours of Ultra Despair Girls & then get back to being productive”…

10+ hours later


All jokes aside, love the plot & seeing my fav/true hero of the series, Nagito Komaeda, but 2 things:

1) Although the overall VAing, since they only have it in dub, is EXCELLENT, Nagito’s VA is “terrible”. I put it in quotation marks b/c he isn’t a bad VA (he’s actually super great), but no one can hold a candle to Nagito’s seiyuu. Like, he comes close, he has the creepy sound down, but not the unsettlingness. Still, great effort but meh. Especially doesn’t help that I played the other 2 games in sub (’cause Kazuya Nakai), so I have to deal w/ that shock. Quite honestly, the more I actively brainwash myself to forget what he sounded like in sub, the better his voice sounds >.> Incidentally, his English VA is Bryce Papenbrook, who is AMAZINGLY talented, but this role to me is more or less a trap. I don’t believe any current VA really has the range for Nagito (I would venture to say Liam O’Brien but that’s just my bias kicking in), not that dub VAs are bad or that this is terrible or a travesty of some sort, but it is really hard to pull off Nagito, so kudos to him for getting close. However, if you’ve been playing the games in dub, then he sounds excellent, no arguments there.

2) Overall game play is beyond terrible. Kami-sama help you if you’re used to FPSes & then play this -_- It’s a real struggle w/ s**t controls & a gawd awful UI, but I’m managing ~.~ Not surprising when you factor in it’s an FPS like game made by ppl. who mostly do visual novels >.>


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