Ohayocon 2016 Panels

The short; panels I have accepted:

The long, tl;dr version (straight from FB):
Woop woop~!
Got panels accepted for Ohayocon 2016, which is great b/c I’m pretty much committed to it at this point (w/ other ppl. literally along for the ride).

3 are great & I’ve done them before so it won’t be that much to get together & 1 is just HolyFingXmasOnAStickIcantBelieve–!? *fangirling in pure ecstasy/terror intensifies*

+Bleach: Shunpou Edition+
Like, ppl. give Bleach a lot of crap (b/c it’s terrible but that’s besides the point 😉 ) but this is the main panel that gets accepted at cons. So, take that haters XD 😛

+Did You Just Say Bara?!+
Have some things I need to change/sections I want to add, but since I gave this so recently it won’t be too hard/difficult to mod things.

+Sengoku Era Figures & Their Media Portrayals+
Same thing as the bara panel, already had a chance to do this, so there’s not too much I need to change/update.

& the main clusterf**k/super fangirl/freakout panel acceptance:
+Fate Universe: The Noblest Of All Phantasms+
Now, this is literally the only panel from my original set I gave at AUSA 2012 that I haven’t retired/indefinitely suspended yet, namely due to it not getting accepted *anywhere* since then, so I’m beyond hype for this 😀 I mean, it’s to the degree that I haven’t really seen any Type Moon/Fate panels at any of the cons I’ve gone to since (I think only 3-4 total, every case it was there the 1 year but then never again), which is why I was hype when there was one at AUSA [this year] but sad I couldn’t stay the whole time.

I could go on about this but the main thing is, like my 1st .hack panel, there’s *a lot* to cover, which is why it’s the only panel I have that’s still 2 hours long, & there’s even more I need to catch up on (last time I did this, Fate/Zero just recently ended & there was no UBW anime), so that’s going to be a massive research endeavor (@.@) In either case, it’s also why I *need* to do a Fate cosplay now (help me decide here [mobile app]: http://aminoapps.com/p/hd4pi!) & am trying to arrange a photoshoot afterwards for any/all Fate cosplayers like at the panel I saw at AUSA this year, which is why I’m asking for help on how to get one set-up.

So, super excite, just hope my job won’t conflict w/ this, & looking forward to catching back up on Fate things ^.^

All that being said, I’m truly both excited & exasperated at the idea of finally being able to do my Fate panel again.  I’m going to do my best to get some photographers together to do a mini shoot after the panel as well as get word out that there’s a mini shoot at all, but I won’t really be able to do all that until I find out specifics.  Also, since this will be my first time attending the con, I’m not all that sure where would be good locations to arrange shoots since, wtf would I know, I’ve never been there ~.~’  So, if you have some advice on this, please feel free to share.

Anyway, since this was one of my more research heavy panels, as well as one of the ones pre-‘presenter view’ in PowerPoint skillz, I’m basically going to have to make this panel from scratch…fun times (@.@)  It’s great b/c I will be free a little bit before I start this new job, so I can put a concentrated effort into this, fixing up the other panels, cosplays, & a whole bunch of other stuff, but I can actually at least kinda focus vs. be super homed in on work stuff.  Either way, hyped to be doing Fate stuff again.  From what I can tell from how this originally went & other Fate/Type Moon panels, I’m pretty sure I can get a decent sized crowd, so I’ll at least know all my work/effort will be worth it in the end.


OK, now to get started on redoing Sloth! Miku, since I originally had a dress-con/7 Deadly Sins Vocaloid cosplay theme, do more stuff setting up my apartment, & just keeping busy in general.