Anime Boston 2016 Panel Times

OK, know my panel times/locations for AB2016:

  • Diamonds in the Rough: Videogame Edition (side order of J-RPGs)
    • Fri., 3/25, 6:30p-8p @ Hynes Panel 202
  • Let’s Go to ‘The World’: A Panel About the .Hack Games
    • Fri., 3/25, 10:30p-midnight @ Hynes Panel 206
  • Bleach: Shunpou Edition
    • Sat., 3/26, 11a-12p @ Hynes Panel 202
    • Sat., 3/26, 7p-8:30p @ Hynes Panel 202
  • 9 Persons, 9 Virtues, 9 D’bags: The Zero Escape series
    • Sun., 3/27, 12p-1:30p @ Sheraton Panel Constitution 2

Also super convenient that there’s an Ali Project concert; i.e., another fantastic group that’s done music for the .hack series.

Anyway, that’s all I have for right now.  Now back to the constant cosplay/panel sweatshop ~.~


2 thoughts on “Anime Boston 2016 Panel Times

  1. I was at your vocaloid panel but had to leave early. Where’s the info for that? Great job btw, you’re super funny and a great presenter!


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