Animazement 2016 Panels & Cosplay~!

Like usual, gonna copy&paste my FB status & then elaborate:

Huzzah~! Motto panels ^.^

Got some panels accepted for Animazement:

  • Yurei, Yokai, & School Girls; 8p-10p, Thu, 5/26/16, Room: 302C
  • ALL THE VOCALOIDS!; 11:30a-12:30p, Fri, 5/27/16, Room: 306a
  • Guropoid: Recounting Grotesque & WTF?! Vocaloid Videos 18+; 8:30p-10:30p, Sat, 5/28/16, Room: 306b

Not 1 but 2 Vocaloid panels~! If there’s anything ruining my life more than Type Moon it’s Vocaloid ~.~; I’m also super hype I finally got the Guropoid one accepted b/c now I get to show all the f***ed up videos I have a tendency to prefer¬†*w*

Besides that cosplay wise I’m breaking out my fav Dio (Virtue’s Last Reward) again, Pride! Rin (Vocaloid), & Heroine X (I swear to kami, this time I’ll finish it X/). Due to panel stuff I’ll also be bringing Sloth! Miku or Gluttony! Meiko, or doing another cosplay entirely based off one of the videos I’m showing in my Guropoid panel. Another cosplay I’m doing is Kizami Yuuya (Corpse Party) b/c I want to do a mofo CP shoot >.> Hopefully that works out…& there’s a Yuka *w*

If you’re going hope to see you there ūüėĬ†

That being said, here are the event pages for:

Now, as I start building up my compendium of f***ed up Vocaloid videos, I’ll be picking my panel specific cosplay from there. ¬†Anyway, see you there ^.^

Type Moon & Zero Escape Shoots Confirmed for Ota ’16~!

Okay, so have the shoots approved & have recently created an event for both. I also submitted one for Magi, but another one was already approved so no need to rain on their parade ^.^


Interestingly enough, if you check the current list, there’s one for Fate Universe listed as well that’s not hosted by me. ¬†However, recently got in contact w/¬†that bro coordinating the Fate Universe shoot. When they’re ready I’ll post a link to their event page/whatever, but that shoot will be taking place: Friday, 8/12 @ the indoor fountain area from 8:30-10p. So, please go to that as well ^.^

Hope to see you at either =^.^=
UPDATE (Otakon, 8/13/16): please post whatever pics you take to their respective event pages. Also, in the case of the Zero Escape shoot, their is a hash tag associated with it (#otakon2016ZE), so please also tag pics with this if you post elsewhere.

Anyway, thanks for coming out & hope you had a great con ^.^