Type Moon & Zero Escape Shoots Confirmed for Ota ’16~!

Okay, so have the shoots approved & have recently created an event for both. I also submitted one for Magi, but another one was already approved so no need to rain on their parade ^.^


Interestingly enough, if you check the current list, there’s one for Fate Universe listed as well that’s not hosted by me.  However, recently got in contact w/ that bro coordinating the Fate Universe shoot. When they’re ready I’ll post a link to their event page/whatever, but that shoot will be taking place: Friday, 8/12 @ the indoor fountain area from 8:30-10p. So, please go to that as well ^.^

Hope to see you at either =^.^=
UPDATE (Otakon, 8/13/16): please post whatever pics you take to their respective event pages. Also, in the case of the Zero Escape shoot, their is a hash tag associated with it (#otakon2016ZE), so please also tag pics with this if you post elsewhere.

Anyway, thanks for coming out & hope you had a great con ^.^

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