Animazement Panel Resources

For anyone visiting to see the resources for any of the panels I hosted this past weekend (Yurei, Yokai, & School Girls; ALL THE VOCALOIDS!; & Guropoid: Recounting Grotesque & WTF?! Vocaloid Videos), I’ll have them all listed by the end of the week at the latest.

When they’re all added, I’ll make another blog post mentioning that.

Anime Mid-Atlantic panels GET~!

So, got some panels accepted:
– ALL THE VOCALOIDS! – Sat. 10pm, Workshop

– Fun with Tales Of: A Discussion on Awesomeness -Sat., 10am, Panel 2

– Figures to the Max! – Sun., 1pm, Panel 3

&, based off what AMA staff told me, shouldn’t have to worry about having any panels scheduled in tents. So, that’s nice ^.^

Also, ZOMG, this Vocaloid one has been getting accepted a lot, which is awesome. Motto Vocaloids for all XD Get to do my Figures one, which I haven’t done for a while. Oooh, & a n00bie panel: Fun w/ Tales of…despite being 3 games behind (>.>;). I guess I can play catch-up in the meantime.

Hope to see you at one of my panels come AMA, which is quickly approaching (@.@)