Been a While…

Ooh boy, know I haven’t posted in 5ever & I’m way behind in con reports, which I do plan on catching up on, but some minor updates:

  • Holiday Matsuri last year was really fun & the first time I truly enjoyed staffing in a while.
  • End of December going into the New Year I had a lot of fun w/ friends; marathoned a mix of great & subpar anime + movies; & Korean freakin’ BBQ~~
  • Got my DSLR camera & accessories so I can start playing n00b cosplay photographer♡ As far as the model of camera, got the Canon EOS Rebel T6i Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-135mm IS STM Lens. Bought my bundle from eBay brand new & I love this camera XD
  • Freakin’ (partial) gov’t shutdown b.s. begins ushering us into the new year.
  • MAGfest was pretty fun, but I still dgaf about doing it for next year if I can’t score a free badge from any (legitimate) means >___> Gah, it’s the most overhyped con ever X/ Anyway, friends let me tag along their shoot Friday so I actually got to practice w/ my new camera.
  • Finally marathoned Darling in the Franxx which I like to call ‘high quality trash’ 😏
  • Generally trying to use this time; i.e., during this gov’t shutdown, to: catch up on chores, pack old cosplays away, finish some anime, get a head start on certain cosplay, & basically catch up on all types of backlogs.

To see a more regularly updated social media account, make sure to check my Instagram (djdatemasamune) as I’m fairly active on that.

Anyway, still need to update certain pages on this blog, which I also plan on doing at some point. See u at w/e convention I may run into u ^.^