Tl; Dr Nekocon Report

Overall, had an experience akin to my AWA one: it was so good that now im suspicious & I don’t like it ūüėÖ

Panels went great, had a fun time cosplaying, had a great time with friends, & this was probably my best year going of the 5 I’ve been going.

Both of my panels, Sit Down, STFU, & Play This J-RPG (Deluxe Edition) Final Fantasy: Love It or Hate It, They Still Have All Your $$$, went really well & I had a great audience at both.

Cosplay wise, I wore Jonathan Joestar (JJBA) & Gundham Tanaka (SDR2) Friday; Dante (DMC4) & Mondo Oowada (DR) Saturday; & Casual Euphemia (CG) Sunday. Had a great time in all my cosplays, esp. the DanganRonpa ones & Dante. I had 2 friends also cosplay Vergil to my Dante, & that was the best time I had at the con cosplay wise. It got to the point that my friend & I were pretty much standing in the same spot & ppl kept coming up, asking for pictures, freaking o It cause ZOMG, DMC!?!?, & it just made my day. I personally don’t have that happen too often with cosplay stuff, so it’s always a treasure when it does happen.

Top: Dante from Devil May Cry 4. Bottom, left to right: Casual Euphemia from Code Geass, Gundham from Super Dangan Ronpa 2, Mondo from DanganRonpa, & Jonathan Joestar from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Ended the con w/ Oppression-con shenanigans; i.e., dinner at Cracker Barrel, & wrapped up & altogether great weekend. Actually looking forward to next year for once.

As mentioned in my other post, the Nekocon logo image belongs to them & I in no way claim the artwork as my own.

Katsu 2017 Experience

Katsu 2017…
This was the…oddest con experience I’ve ever had. ¬†As far as just milling about & being an attendee, pretty good; friendshipping, stellar…& a f’ing whirlwind of feelz (along w/ having to go full #TeamBlackMom the entire time); panels (besides the ‘con sponsored one), went really well; staffing, f’ing nightmare, but not for anything obvious & just at the con. ¬†So, let’s break it down (& not make this as long as I usually do [failed miserably as usual ~.~])…
+Pre-con (Wed)+
Suffered the whole day from sleep deprivation; had to basically skip work cause I couldn’t function; still didn’t get that much sleep since everyone & their Mom wanted to contact me that day. ¬†Incidentally, I’ve¬†never¬†dealt w/ so much pre-con drama before in my entire con life. ¬†Also, drove down to NJ to pick up a friend in NJ.
Rendezvoused with said friend (after spending the previous night at a friend’s house [btw, thanks for being such a gracious host); headed down to MD/National Harbor on what can be described as the best roadtrip I’ve ever been on w/ all the dankness & racist jokes ^.^ ¬†When we made it there, we took the best selfie evar & pretty much spent the rest of the day relax–lies, started the Katsu staff work grind ~.~ ¬†Also, couldn’t really sleep that night ’cause I didn’t have a bed…which was pretty much the whole weekend…lovely x.x
This is the day where, for the first time ever tbh, I was beyond emotionally spent. ¬†Besides it also being yet another day where my phone was blowing up as well as my acid reflux being at its worse (if you’ve never had acid reflux or don’t know what it’s like; imagine your esophagus feeling like it was literally on fire; it’s d*mn near impossible to concentrate & can easily put anyone in a terrible mood), I was really on edge b/c this was the day that for the umpteenth time I, to put it quite simply, was held back as my “baby” of what I¬†usually¬†handle w/ this con was kidnapped from me & I was expected to just stand there & let it happen b/c “I need the help/you aren’t always here”. ¬†I’ll get into that a little more later, but this day I was literally 2 seconds away from jumping ship to the other dept. I moonlight in. ¬†Needless to say, even tho I mellowed tf out, I’m still seething about this type of sh*t. ¬†Just waiting for the convo that will happen as far as strategizing for next year.
Besides the con sponsored one for a How-to panel for Katsu, all my panels did really well.  I had fun w/ all of them, the audience was super engaged, & it was just an overall good experience.  I would say my panel Sunday, State of the Anime Community: Past, Present, & Future, generated a great discussion & I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Honestly, wished I left it at 90 minutes.
Sucks I wasn’t able to get my Sola-Ui top in time & that I missed the Saturday Type Moon shoot (trying not to be bitter but I am; of course it was due to staff related things ~.~), but otherwise had great experiences. ¬†I loved wearing Mondo, loved wearing Jonathan Joestar even more (real talk: love running into JoJo cosplayers, esp. when I’m also wearing JoJo stuff), Birdramon was fun (but unfortunate the tulle practically functioned as a duster DX), wore Tokiomi for all of 10 minutes (& of course I forgot his beard that I made at home X/), Sakura was actually hella fun (esp. since I had a Shinji to harass me ^.^;). ¬†All was good honestly. ¬†Just wished that, given the circumstances, I brought Li Shuwen vs. Tokiomi since I would have had no problem wearing that for long periods of time.
+Friendship (Ruins Lives)+
So, lots of drama things happening here & there. ¬†Lots of being #TeamMom in overdrive. ¬†Just lots of being further groomed into a ‘vault of secrets’ w/ the amount of things I’ve been told over this short period of time (& what I know in general). ¬†Quite frankly, getting wrapped up in other ppl.’s drama, which also generally answers the ques. “How do you even deal w/ xxx?”, is what was literally keeping me distracted from how annoyed I was w/ my present predicament in the division I staff that was building up all year. ¬†That’s how you deal w/ certain levels of friendship drama: use it to ignore your own problems >_> ¬†Lastly, my roommates were awesome, just the rooming situation was unfortunate. ¬†Honestly, if I can, gonna try to book my own room for next year since I know enough ppl going.
So, basically, a little bit after Katsu 2016, I pretty much became the main one working on a particular set of tasks. ¬†Fast forward till after I had a promotion to 2nd highest level in my division, a couple other promotions for other members, & basically post a particular process my division handles, now all of suddenly the other 2 higher ups can’t keep their hands off the stuff I¬†usually¬†work on, causing unnecessary confusion (like, who responded to what, etc.) & just work-hogging to a massive degree, one moreso than the other. ¬†So, basically, every problem I had goes back to this: I was the only one working on it, I had my sh*t together, pretty much kept everyone in the loop, aaannnnddd now I’m basically being pushed to the side & almost¬†relegated¬†to grunt work. ¬†Like, besides what I usually handle, I’m not doing all that much, so it literally puts me in a position where I have a title that means nothing & I’m practically not allowed to work on anything (or I have to fight them off when I do start working on anything if I want to have any hope of seeing it through to the end). ¬†This is totes a convo that’s gonna happen, b/c I’ve been at the point of ‘either leave me be to handle this or I’m out’ for a while now, it’s just a matter of how chill/not chill I’m gonna be during that convo, ’cause when you’re already at a point that you’re willing to leave, no reason to be extra on top of that >_>
So, had someone (that’s below me on the staff totem pole, mind you) basically decide that after the con is the perfect time to give me sh*t for a particular joke I was making all weekend (that of course everyone found funny except this loser), which was hilarious b/c they basically told on their self in the process. ¬†‘Course dummy didn’t think they did anything wrong, pretty much lied about a complaint that only they know about, & was super unprofessional the whole time & practically¬†solidified¬†their self as being the¬†psychotic¬†drama queen of the division, but, hey, I guess it was totally worth the non-zing you made on me, right? …right?!
Like, as I said earlier, it’s been an interesting experience this year that was a¬†whirlwind of feelz, rage, good times, & severe lack of eating (w/ semi severe amounts of drinking)…can’t wait for next year…probably ^.^;

So, How’ve You Been?

Another update post. ¬†Brace yourselves, there’s about a million things I’m mentioning in this post >.>;

To start, as the briefest con review/report I’ve ever had, Otakon 2016 was great. ¬†Had a lot of fun being a cosplay wh*re & being in/running about 6 shoots; granted, had to swap out 2 cosplays, Atrum Galliasta (Fate: UBW) instead of 3rd form Amakusa (Fate/Grand Order) & Pride! Rin (Vocaloid) instead of ¬†Prince Akio (Utena). ¬†I still had my Type Moon shoot, so Atrum was worn there, & Rin was worn for a Vocaloid shoot.

Still plan to do both. ¬†Akio’s definitely going to be brought out for Ota next year, since my friend will also hopefully have Anthy done, & I plan to have Amakusa done for AUSA 2016, since I have a Type Moon related panel (& also want to run a Type Moon shoot there as well).¬† ¬†Also, as a reminder, I post all my cosplay related stuff to my Facebook page, so if you want to keep up with all my cosplay stuff, definitely give my page a like.

Besides cosplay stuff, had an awesome time hanging out with friends & making new ones. ¬†The only thing negative I have to say is that Ota 2017 is totes going to be a clusterf**k. ¬†Based off the Q&A they had going over all the things planned for the DC move, which was an awesome idea for a panel btw, there’s still a lot of things not really hammered out for a move that’s going to be, you know, next year -_- ¬†Hopefully all the problems that will come up during next year will knock that chip off their shoulder ~,~

Besides that, just as an FYI, finally started JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, so now I have Kars as my BG on random things…deal with it XD ¬†Kars & Dio are my favs from the series (idc I’m only on part 3, I know there still going to be up there/top tier), so I’m just going to have them all over my social medium. ¬†Needless to say, want to cosplay both. ¬†Dio is relatively easy, Kars I fortunately found a version of him where I don’t need to be fit af to pull off, so I’m super hype about that XD ¬†Don’t know when I’m going to cosplay either, Ota 2017 at the latest, but I’m def gonna make it happen.

Panel stuff…

AWA, got one accepted…of course it was Bleach (which recently ended & ZOMG WTF that “ending” even DX). ¬†Here are the deets (just gonna copy/paste from the e-mail):

Bleach: Shunpou Edition Friday, September 30, 2016 Room: CGC 106 7:00pm 8:00pm

So, be there or be square or whatever >.>

AUSA I have these 2:

  • But What Is ‚ÄúEvil‚ÄĚ? Morality & Ethics in the Fate Universe
  • Guropoid: Recounting Grotesque & WTF?! Vocaloid Videos

I still have 2 waitlisted & some I submitted for Thursday programming, but we’ll see. ¬†I’m just excited to have the¬†ones I do. ¬†Gonna be hella fun times. ¬†Also, since I’m Type Moon trash, I plan to host a photoshoot. ¬†Just waiting to hear about the time/date for my panels¬†so I can plan the shoot accordingly.

Also, speaking of shoots, don’t forget all the shoots I’m hosting for AWA~! ¬†I’ll have a Bleach, Vocaloid, Zero Escape, & Type Moon one. ¬†I already have a post with all the deets & corresponding event pages, so make sure to view that if interested.

So far, probably cosplaying¬†these bros for AWA…

So, if you read the captions; i.e., read the freakin’ captions, not planning to do all of them, just some are definites, others are maybes, others still are either/or, like Shin Natsume/Kaito Wanijima. ¬†Ashera, Kratos, & Riviera/Charlone are all things I’m bringing mainly b/c of my friend/roommate who also likes to cosplay JRPG stuff, & this is one of the few cons we’re both attending. ¬†All the shoot cosplays are definites. ¬†Quite frankly, only making the one new costume to save $$$ & sanity b/c I need to start saving like crazy for NYCC & to work on some other cosplay stuff that needs to be done by the end of this year to be ready for cons at the beginning of next year (MAGfest & Katsu respectively).

Just as an FYI, don’t forget to submit your panels to Katsucon. ¬†You can do so by going here & the reimbursement policy is listed¬†here. ¬†The deadline is Friday, Sept. 9th, so get submitting~!

Due to needing to pre-register before I could submit a panel, decided to go with Sangawa Project over Derpycon for my PA/NJ con. ¬†Already submitted panels, just waiting for the deadline to hit & then hear the final decision. ¬†I had 2 accepted last year but ultimately decided not to go, this year I’ll be going w/ some friends. ¬†I’ll be rooming & traveling w/ the same ppl., so it won’t be as much of a headache/won’t have to worry about plane tickets.

Poll results for my MAGfest 2017 cosplay *drum roll*…One won (GD puns) by a landslide. ¬†I still plan to do Terumi at a later date with a friend, but otherwise I will be making this precious princess for MAGfest 2017. ¬†I have another friend who’s super into the series & has done Three before, so super hype¬†XD¬† Hopefully I can lasso some others to potentially have all the sisters, keeping my fingers crossed ^.^

One, Drakengard 3

One, Drakengard 3

Speaking of way too many GD cons close together (or is it cosplans???), since I plan to do Ichibancon this year/2017 as well as MAGfest & possibly Ohayocon again (Ichi & Ohayo contingent upon panel acceptance), these are the 3 main cosplays I need to have done before the year ends:

I can’t start during October b/c I’ll be getting a crapton of stuff done for NYCC, AUSA (main one), & probably Nekocon at this point, so I’ll only have November & a little of December to hammer everything out, w/ a little more time to work on Clow since I need him for Katsu. ¬†Fun times working on cosplay (@,@). ¬†Also, since Nekocon is pretty much happening at this point, might as well submit some panels ~.~ ¬†Will be tabling for a con, which means a lot of costs¬†will be covered (hotel & badge), so this becomes a helluva lot more affordable & a guaranteed situation where I won’t have to worry about finding a room/filling a room, which is my main problem w/ both of the VA cons I’ve been to.


That’s about it for this massive update on wtf I’ve been up to & planning. ¬†Again, probably going to be another gap of time where I’m MIA, but as usual, if you check my Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram (occasionally), you will see more updates on what I’ve been up to. Ciao…for now (GD rhyming) ^.^

Ohayocon & Related Updates

More things ripped from FB statuses…
Ohayocon (actually) short review:
Finally had a chance to meet the lovable stripper, Jessica Calvello, ‘nough said :D; got some great advice for panels/paneling from Charles; spread my beautiful peacock feathers w/ all my dress cosplays; & found/bought an awesome ~purple~ kinchaku XD

I would say the con’s about a 7/10. More or less had a great time, pretty good panel experiences, & saw some great panels, but the Cosplay Chess there was severely lacking (although I still had fun), I felt the con center was under utilized, my friend being turned away from panels b/c she was “too late” (wtf?!), & a few other incidental things. So, good experiences overall but nothing to write home about (except for Calvello’s gorgeous personality…& A$$ets, if you know what I’m sayin’ ūüėÄ )

W/ that behind me, I can finally rel–oh yeah, now I can work on Tibarn, Rajaoin, my Dangan Ronpa panel & some other stuff for Mag, Katsu things, and LOSE MY G.D. MIND FOR THE NEXT FEW MONTHS (@.@) …also, Anime Boston X/

Anyway, going along w/ my NY’s resolution to be a glorious magnificent f’ing peacock, I’m going to be cosplaying more ostentatious things, like f’ing Tibarn & Pride! Rin. Continuing this, decided to do Sinbad (Magi), namely b/c I want to also have a s**t ton of gaudy jingly jewelry adorned on my person ūüėÄ Hope to have it done by AB (wanted to do it for Katsu but f**k that) & can’t wait to debut it XD


Sinbad (Magi)

With all that out the way now comes all the massive updates. So, soon(ish) I’ll be uploading the physical presentations & resource list for my panels, which I also need to do for Nekocon still, & this post is going to also double as my con report. Usually I write long detailed accounts (& am still due for 3), but this should do the job.

Lastly, check the FB event page ( for all the pics taken at the Fate/Type Moon photoshoot. It was a small group but super happy awesome fun times regardless (& mapo tofu) ūüėÄ

Otakon 2015 Con Experience

Although super late, here’s my Ota experience for this year. ¬†Yet again, originated as a “short” FB status & I’ll add on at the end.

Otakon 2015 Review:

The quick of it; EVERYTHING WAS AWESOME!!¬† Now, the 2 page, single-spaced, 11 font, ‚Äúshort‚ÄĚ review‚Ķ

Had a great con this year!¬† Started out w/ an interesting Katsu issue that I wound up being super involved w/, which was definitely an experience I‚Äôm glad I was able to have, sparing a lot of the details.¬† Like I mentioned before, & will never stop mentioning, due to the severe lack of annoying haterz this year, the lower attendance made everything exceedingly more fun/easier to attend; i.e., I could actually make it into panels this year ūüėĬ† Actually, the funny ironic thing is despite how much I complained last year about not being able to make panels essentially b/c they were too many ppl., I spent more time hanging out & only went to panels on Friday/barely attended any.¬† Oh well, can‚Äôt win them all.¬† I will say that I did like the panel roster this year, just didn‚Äôt make it to them.

Ota is honestly the ONLY con I can still have an awesome experience even w/o having a panel myself or going to any panels at all, since it’s my main socializing/cosplaying con for the year.  Speaking of panels, I see a lot of my friends had panels that filled out their respective rooms & had a great time (can’t wait to hear all about it!).  For me, had an interesting mixed experience that begins & ends w/: I finished making the presentation portion of the panel in under 2 hours the night before, got no sleep that night & really the whole week, & was a few minutes late to my own panel, the panel in ques. being Eternal Zetsubou! The Dangan Ronpa series.

‚ÄėWhy?‚Äô You ask, b/c f***ing work projects need to get done, that‚Äôs why X/¬† If there was ever a situation where work takes the higher priority, this is definitely the case & since I like my well-paying job, I would like to return to said job once the con‚Äôs over.¬† That being said, it went pretty well.¬† Didn‚Äôt pack the room but I had it, like, 80-90% filled, which is still awesome.¬† Didn‚Äôt get to do nearly as much backend work (research, etc.) but it was finished & I have more than enough to go off to improve it for cons to come.¬† It was primarily a discussion panel, discussion happened &, more importantly, I finished on-time & didn‚Äôt start running into the next panelists‚Äô time slot.¬† Also didn‚Äôt help I was half dead from not sleeping the previous night & being worried about work related stuff, but all things were good considering.

Pro tip: when submitting panels to Ota, make sure to submit things you pretty much have on lockdown, whether from presenting it multiple times or you know it like the back of your hand.  Ota is NOT the con to get a feel for a panel you’re unsure about b/c it will crucify you.  Fortunately, despite the lack of research, I knew what I wanted to say, how I wanted to make the panel, etc., which helped me considerably w/ hammering it out in less than 2 hours & being ready to talk the minute I got in the panel room.  Ultimately, I will *only* submit panels I’ve presented multiple times to Ota in the future, but I still would say this is the best route to go.  Lastly, yet another reason why I hate AM panels on the first day of the con >.>

F**k, I would say my only ‚Äėproblem‚Äô w/ the con was the way 18+ wristbands were handled as well as the reg line‚Ķboth of which I didn‚Äôt have to deal w/ b/c: had my badge mailed in & wound up going to no panels Sat. anyway, let alone any 18+ ones, so it didn‚Äôt really matter >.> ¬†I would say my main complaint w/ time/space was that Saturday went by so fast.¬† For me it was HCC judging time, some hanging out/eating, Walk-on/Masquerade/HCC & Masquerade winners, & then Ota ‚ÄėKon-pai‚Äô, & that was it.¬† Wish the day didn‚Äôt go by so fast X/

All in all, f**k Xin for making me buy $80+ more in art books (I JK, you’re cool :P) & I had an awesome time w/ the lovely Vivian & making dirty jokes at the Kon-pai w/ Andrew, Dave, & several others.  Also, spending a lot of time w/ Akiko & Andrea.  There were some that I didn’t mention (loved hanging out w/ you too) & some I didn’t see but I’ll totally catch you at other cons/follow-up on your con experiences.

Now, to clean up, motto work projects & submit panels to Sangawa Project.


This con experience was pretty straightforward. ¬†Liked everything in general with the obvious room for improvement in the way reg/pre-reg & 18+ lines were handled. ¬†Also, even though I didn’t attend that many panels, I thought they were really good this year. ¬†Hopefully next year I can attend more panels, but given this is my main “chill la chill” con of the year, I can see hanging out w/ ppl. grossly outweighing the need to see panels.

Anyway, my¬†panel went OK, but definite room for improvement (incidentally, if you saw it, feel free to comment w/ feedback!). ¬†If nothing else, it was a way better experience overall than the first time I paneled at Ota. Either way, never submitting anything that I haven’t presented multiple times before.

Cosplay wise it was pretty solid this year.  It was unfortunate I had to make the executive decision to drop Macha (.hack//GU) & postpone it indefinitely, but it was either that or lose my mind to cosplay (@.@)  Besides that, Kogitsunemaru (Touken Ranbu) went really well.  Had fun doing ears & fangs for the first time ^.^  Now, by the end of the day the wig kept getting tangled, but hopefully it will be better come AUSA when I do his full version (& comb out the wig).  Also, gonna touch up the dye job of the hakama for AUSA as well.

Hijikata Toshizou (Bakumatsu Rock) was far more sturdy & structurally sound than my previous HCC costume (Maximilian from Valkyria Chronicles) & I generally enjoyed working on it & finally wearing it. ¬†Especially liked how the overcoat came out. ¬†Alas, I didn’t win anything in the HCC but I was far more excited about the overall experience & wasn’t too concerned about winning anything. ¬†Besides, I did this as a part of a group cosplay w/ my friends, so I was more excited to be doing that as well. ¬†Wish I styled his wig beforehand + made boot covers but by that point I was too tired to be bothered ~.~ ¬†However, I did like how his blue belt came out after I braided some paracord. ¬†Braiding has such a calming effect for me XD

Finally, Pekoyama. ¬†Although I started the con off as her (heck, drove to the con as her), I mainly cosplayed her Sunday. ¬†Anyway, she was really fun to do! ¬†Still had this weird issue of ppl. confusing me out & out for a guy (vs. when I cosplay male characters) despite obvious rack & female figure (my voice is pretty deep & I have a fairly unisex looking face), but it’s just a weird happenstance I thought I should mention. ¬†Nothing that bothered me. ¬†Anyway, the wig was fun to wear, just need to use styling gel to part the bangs more so they don’t keep getting in my eyes, as well as being able to just wear my glasses since the cosplay requires that. ¬†Skirt was a little too big so I need to take that in eventually, most likely before AUSA since I plan to wear it again for that. Although the shirt was the perfect length, it was a little too short for me. ¬†All in all, double sided clothing tape was a lifesaver for this costume. ¬†Once the skirt is fixed that pretty much fixes my main issues w/ the costume, otherwise, it was a fun quick last minute thing I through together, in anticipation of the Dangan Ronpa panel (& the alterations to the sword bag came out awesomely!).

Once I get my pics from the photographer I booked for the con (Sumiko.foto Photography), I’ll post them here in addition to on my cosplay FB page. Lastly, to see all progress on making these costumes, definitely take a gander at my cosplay FB page & check the relating photo albums. They’re a little out-of-date, but I still have a crapton more photos to add to each album, sooo… >.>

Anyway, like I said before, had an overall great time. ¬†I would go so far as to posit that anyone who says “the con sucks!” are just being salty b/c they didn’t really try to enjoy the con to begin w/, or my fav go-to reason that they couldn’t afford the con in the first place, so are b*tching about every little thing >.> ¬†Having almost 12,000+ ppl. less than their best numbers made everything else more enjoyable (wasn’t super crowded, which is the main thing ppl. like to b***h about), but of course this isn’t good for profits -_-

Personally, I don’t see these numbers getting better due to the price increase &, honestly, dumb@$$ ignorant mofos being “afraid the Blacks are going to riot”, therefore, making it super unsafe *smh*, but it is what it is.

Looking forward to next year ^.^

AMA 2015 Report

Since my FB status summed up everything pretty well, I’m just going to use that w/ a few minor additions:

Original post 6/23/2015…
So, AMA, a.k.a. Oppression-con, a.k.a. #DatAssCon, was officially my chill la kill con, as it were.  Had so much fun!  Meeting old friends, making new ones, meeting mutual ones, etc., etc., it was great!  Talked a lot about all the ways AMA was oppressing & how we were oppressing each other w/ one group, talked panels & such w/ the other; everything was #FABULOUS.

I mean, the tent(s) situation was s**t & ruined pretty much any panel that was in there, guest or not.¬† Upon going to the feedback session, learned both the con & hotel staff didn’t like the situation b/c those weren’t the tents they originally ordered, but, let’s be honest, having tents at all is a horrible idea.¬† If I were to offer any possible solution it would be to get rid of most/all the video rooms, since they aren’t doing that well anyway, & convert those to panel rooms (or put video rooms in the tents).¬† Not mofo tents X/

Personally, my own panels were OK.¬† Cosplay Smarter I either need 2 hours for or split it into 2 separate panels, which is most likely going to be the way I go; .hack went pretty well, too bad it was the 1st panel in that room for the day so the room was locked & the projector wasn’t set up; I only had an hour, so delaying it even more kinda irritated me; Figures to the Max! was the first time I outright didn’t have ppl. show up (not surprised, first panel in one of the tents on Sunday), but had a great chat w/ the person stationed to that “room”.

All in all, staffing seemed really off this year, at least w/ Programming.¬† I mean, I really loved this year’s experience w/ the con overall, but if Programming is going to be this…snotty I guess is what I’ll go w/, then f**k AMA.¬† I’m not coming all the way down here for barely 3 panels.¬† I can go to bigger cons & not get nearly as much of a hassle like I did w/ this one, & I wasn’t the only one.¬† So, hopefully, that s**t gets straightened out for next year.

Lastly, saw/found my new fav panel I look forward to every year; the comic book one hosted by Emanuel & several other awesome ppl, Aldrich being one of them.¬† Now, to be perfectly honest, at one point someone was being pissy that the panel wasn’t “beginner enough”, but if you have time to b***h about that, you could have just, you know, asked whatever particular ques. you had that would have brought the convo to being more n00b friendly…& *not* be an annoying a**hole >.>

Anyway, great time (being oppressed), great ppl., staff was good but Programming has some soul searching to do, f**k the tents, & that’s about it ^.^¬† Now to focus on Otakon stuff ~.~

Also, decided I’m going to shoot for Sangawa Project ( this year too as suggested by Charles seeing as it’s more 18+ friendly among other things.

So, like I said, it sums up everything quite nicely on my feelz with this con. I had a great time but the Programming dept. could potentially be the sole reason why I don’t return (why go somewhere that’s this annoyingly difficult to get panels accepted to?), otherwise, I can still see me leaving this as a permanent stop on my con tour list for years to come. However, hopefully they’re able to move to a bigger & better venue in the not-too-distant future b/c they could definitely use the space.

Besides that, yet again I need to rethink & reimagine my Cosplay Smarter panel & basically split everything covered between 2-3 panels so I can keep it no longer than 1.5 hours. Otherwise, I really like how that panel turned out.

Cosplay wise I did a whopping 5 costumes this time around, which is a lot for me (usually do 3, 4 if one has alternate outfits [like Grimmjow]). Friday I was the new version of Grimmjow¬† (Bleach) earlier in the day & his Espada form in the evening. Saturday I was Sailor Ukitake (Sailor Moon/Bleach crossove4) w/ some friends while they were Sailor Hitsugaya & Rangiku Mask respectively & we were the Sailor Shirou Scouts (+ Rangiku Mask). Sunday I was an OC of sorts I call the Kiseru Woman which was Geisha & Yakuza (more or less) inspired. I’ll post pics of all when I get everything, otherwise you can keep tabs on them all on my cosplay FB page.

Lastly, I plan to post the PDF files & resources for all my panels I gave this con soon-ish, so please stay tuned when I get those up. In either case, I’ll make a blog post when I update the respective pages.


UPDATE: 7/1/15

Here are some samples of my AMA 2015 insanity cosplay track.  Can see the rest on my cosplay FB page.

AB 2015 Updates Coming Soon!

So, between cosplay stuff, panel & related stuff, con article(s), (regular life), etc., got a lot to update with the blog. ¬†W/in the next few weeks you will be seeing stuff, so definitely stay tuned. ¬†Better yet, follow/subscribe (to) my blog so you always get updates whenever I post anything ^.^ ¬†I had Shinakophotos do my photos, so it’s going to take a bit before I get cosplay pics posted to my FB page.

I now have ACen coming up, so I’m¬†still super busy preparing for cons (never stop preparing for cons ~,~), so things are taking longer than what they should (as usual >.>).

Anyway, will be getting to that, in the meantime, will be posting a poll for what 3rd cosplay I should do for ACen.


Katsucon 2015 Feelz: Aw350m3!!!

So, in short, I had a GRRREEEAAATTTT time @ Katsu this year!  In short, it was a perfect trifecta of a great cosplay experience, great staffing experience, & a great time paneling, & to top it all off, a great time meeting old friends & making new ones XD  There were a few hiccups here & there, like w/ any con, but it was still a stellar experience.

Lastly, let me just say despite being parked in the Gaylord parking garage since Thursday, I wound up paying nothing when I left. ¬†Don’t ask how but I basically saved a crapton of $$$ >.> To clarify,¬†it’s nothing illicit or “morally reprehensible”, I just…took advantage of an opportunity provided to me, is all >.>

The Good

Cosplay wise…

Cosplayed Casual Envy! Luka (Vocaloid) Friday, Gluttony! Meiko (Vocaloid)¬†Saturday & Cliff Fittir (Star Ocean: Till the End of Time)¬†later in the night, & Grimmjow (Bleach)¬†Sunday. ¬†Had a pretty good time with all my cosplays & when I have all the pics, I’ll post 1 for each here as well. ¬†Also, had a great time meeting up with a mini Start Ocean: TtEoT group & had lots of fun (& took lots of pics) w/ them. ¬†Great times!

Staffing wise…

I made such good friends, had a great time, shared some super¬†dirty jokes, & a bunch of other awesome things (like booze) with these peeps! ¬†I truly had an awesome year staffing & can’t wait for next year. ¬†I worked with some exceedingly¬†great, intelligent, hilarious, & talented ppl. & I’m glad I had a chance to get to know them ūüėÄ

Panel wise…

I gave these 5 panels this con:

  • Sit Down, STFU, & Play This J-RPG (Awesome Edition) ‚Äď Friday in Live 5 @ 11:00a
  • How to Become a Quality Panelist ‚Äď Friday in Live 5 @ 12:30p
  • Yaoi & BaraTropes & Trends 3-Bigger, Longer, Harder MOTTO!! (18+) ‚Äď Saturday in Live 3 @ 1:30a
  • Let‚Äôs Go to ‚ÄėThe World‚Äô: A Panel About the .Hack Games‚Äč ‚Äď Sunday in Live 7 @ 1:30p
  • Bleach: Shunpou Edition ‚Äď Sunday in Panel 5¬†@¬†3p

They all went pretty well, especially the Yaoi/Bara & .hack panels. ¬†I had some ‘minor’ technical issues with the JRPG one (Oh Windows 8, you just had to update right then & there & delay me by 20+ minutes X/) but the audience was far more patient than what I could ever ask for (although they may have ultimately been disappointed for the wait ~.~). ¬†Also, here’s a vid¬†the peeps at The Fan’s POV recorded. ¬†Now I can dissect the heck out of it & make ALL THE IMPROVEMENTS (~.~). With Bleach, lost about 15 minutes b/c the panelists before me took their sweet time to leave (also, benefits of being both staff & a panelist; can legit kick ppl. out & sit yo’ a$$ right down XD) but I was still able to finish the panel with a little time to spare.

All in all, good times but, like usual, time to go back & make a bunch of changes across the board, which is a¬†constant for the JRPG panel in my efforts to get its pacing flawless. ¬†I’m getting there but still so much to do. ¬†Also, in my effort to rush through due to running short on time, which you can see in the video, wound up accidentally skipping 2-3 sections X/…well, I’ll get another shot at it come ACen this year…hopefully I don’t f it up this time ^.^;


Great times, great place, great ppl., great everything…now for some less than stellar things ~.~

The “Bad”

Besides my all-time favorite of realizing that I forgot to pack my undergarments at 2/3 in the morning (X/), to which a 24-hour Walmart quite literally saved my @$$, there were a few problems, but mostly with individuals/ideologies & not necessarily the con itself. ¬†Let me s’plain…

Picky Panelists (see what I did there w/ that on point alliteration?)…

Due to me staffing in LP this year, O, how some panelists can be picky b*tches ~.~ ¬†“I need water!”, “Start letting them in NOW!”,”Kick the other panelists out!” (like, seriously, if you see me already removing ppl., cool yo’ s**t), “I need more chairs!”, “I need more tables”, like, seriously ppl., it ain’t that big of a deal. ¬†It’s called humility, try it for once, will ya’? ¬†This is what happens when you have ppl. that aren’t s**t in their regular lives go somewhere where they feel like they’re somebodies now & then immediately start acting like total d*uches; i.e., geek culture at large when it comes to geek cons.

Granted, it was nice talking to some fellow LP staffers about this & hearing what they had to say on the matter XD

Hotel/Con Staff F’ing Up…

So, I believe it was Friday night where there was a huge mix-up with the Workshops, since 2 panels were scheduled at the same time in the different Workshop rooms…but the Gaylord hotel/convention staff¬†still hadn’t erected the barrier…despite being told multiple times that day & prior to¬†the con, which of course caused major issues. There was an¬†18+ panel happening in both rooms, in which one of the groups took the wrong room, stole chairs from the other side, & then promptly started to let ppl. into the panel w/o giving a staffer a chance to check 18+ bracelets, that person being me, never mind they kinda screwed over the other group of panelists.

Listen, panelists, I know some of you think you’re hot s**t, please don’t throw staff members under the bus b/c “My panels are the most important thing in the world & they need to happen NOW!”, f’ing work w/ them. ¬†Fortunately, my superiors understood what happened & I didn’t get blasted but I swear to God if I did, I would have put that group on blast meself X/ I’m not going to name the group b/c it’s unnecessary &, quite frankly, they know who they are but try a tad bit more humility, you could use a little. ¬†& for God’s sake if you know your crowd is rowdy as f**k or a bunch of socially awkward fat neckbeards/”that guy” types, police them & make sure they don’t get in the way/impede the progress of¬†actual staff -_-

So, to summarize, if you attended either of those panels, it wasn’t Katsu staff f’ing up but Gaylord staff. ¬†They were¬†really off their game this year. ¬†Incidentally, the importance of knowing who does what when you have an issue. ¬†Was it con staff? ¬†Was it the hotel staff? ¬†Which department? ¬†What was the name of the individual in question? ¬†Saying “staff sucked!” isn’t saying jack s**t. ¬†Which department was it? ¬†Live Programming handles the panels but Tech handles all the technical equipment. ¬†If you had an issue w/ tech it is in fact on them, not the LP dept. (just to give an example). ¬†Sometimes it’s an individual. ¬†An entire department could be running relatively well with the exception of the one weak link, that doesn’t mean the¬†entire department is incompetent ~.~ ¬†Just things to keep in mind.

“Great experience, bad Con”..? WTF?!…

There were several FB statuses that basically said this, which makes no f’ing sense to me. ¬†Either you liked it, you didn’t, or you liked it overall but didn’t like a few particulars, you can’t both simultaneously hate the con but had a great experience; which one is it?! ¬†Even with me & my feelz on MAGfest 2015, overall I liked it but it just wasn’t my cup of tea (which is another thing you can say) not to mention the con attendees overall were immature. ¬†Even then, particulars but not the entire convention.

I just hate this mentality b/c it reminds me of the dumb@$$ hatebase for Otakon. ¬†You know, the ppl. that go every single freakin’ year but are the loudest to complain about EVERYTHING ~,~ Anything that reminds me of these retards (I mean that word the way it’s meant to be used) annoys the crap outta me. ¬†Just state the particulars you don’t like, don’t be a f’ing drama queen or, worse yet, hipster d*uche about it X/ ¬†Like, this technically isn’t “ruining my con experience” it’s just that this type of mentality is why I hate geek culture at large; it’s dumb, petty, & filled to the brim w/ s**t. ¬†Basically, what happens when the MAGfest crowd try to attend any other con, especially if it’s an anime con ’cause, you know, those genre cons are the worst X/ *gag*smh* ¬†I mention MAGfest attendees b/c anyone I’ve seen do the whole ‘It sucked but it didn’t’ b.s. usually are one of the many that LoVeD¬†MAGfest & hate all anime cons…’cause that makes sense >.>

So, to conclude, had a more than awesome time. ¬†Definitely washed the meh taste of MAGfest out of my mouth (as well as the attendees being a heckuva lot more tolerable & accepting @ Katsu) & was everything I could want it to be & more…now to prepare for 3 cons simultaneously (AB, ACen, &AMA) ((@.@))

Magfest 13 Feelz: Meh

Before I get started, 2 things: 1) I was kinda sick when I wrote this, so excuse the (more than usual) meandering; 2) Best Tumblr post I ever saw: I hate ppl. but I like individuals (keep this in mind).

It wassss…OK.  The short of it:

  • (In general) Immature, puerile, sophomoric con attendees (basically, imagine a con overrun by drunken frat boys/ravr kids)
  • Quite frankly, con attendees remind me of everything I hate about the gamer community (I say this as someone who’s been in gaming far longer than any other geekdom I consider myself a part of & it’s been going bad for years)
  • “It’s not a fest, it’s a fEsTiVaL!!” ‚Ķseriously? ¬†Grow the f**k up ~.~
  • The most obnoxious, pompous, snobbish con mentality I’ve ever dealt w/ (‘we’re waaaayyy better than any anime con!’); mind you, no other genre con got as much s*it as anime cons‚Ķwhich typically have far more mature con attendees than this one (if we’re going to be c**ts about it >.>)
  • I can understand not really caring about cosplay, but I outright felt cosplayers were looked down upon (may not notice at the con, however, check all the social medium)
  • Didn’t care for the programming (50% Indie gaming related, 50% guest panels), so, if you don’t really care for the guest panels or aren’t interested in Indie gaming, you’re SOL; in my opinion, it was better last year since it actually had a lot more diversity in the type of panels offered
  • That being said, I’m pretty much guaranteed to not get panels accepted, so why bother?
  • Yay music & gaming‚Ķ2 things I can do for far cheaper w/o the con (~.~); also, imagine a con planned by the ravr kids from anime cons X/
  • F**k party cons -_- ¬†You can spend¬†less $$$ to hang out w/ friends if you arrange your own¬†party/get-together

In general:

This con had some of the most immature con attendees I’ve ever dealt w/, which isn’t too surprising given it’s a ‘party con’ (Oh, I’m sorry,¬†FeStIvAl [every time I heard this I threw up a little bit in my mouth ~.~]). ¬†Real talk: regardless of what day it is, you don’t really see ppl. until late afternoon; granted, what party starts while light’s still out? ¬†Anyway, you wanna know what makes drunken frat boy type attendees even worse? ¬†B.S. sense of superiority b/c it’s “not an anime con”.

At multiple points I ran into ppl. that gave me the same “Well, MAGfest’s just waaaay better than anime cons. ¬†Everyone knows that (& f**k Katsucon)!”‚Ķlike, wtf? ¬†I understand not wanting to go to them (not saying anyone should) or defending any specific con (if you don’t like Katsu, who am I to say ‘f**k you!’ on that?) but it’s a freakin’ leap to say MAG is better than all anime conventions. ¬†Based on what? ¬†MAG having more drunk ppl. per square foot than any given anime convention? ¬†Or maybe it’s b/c of all the b.s. geek elitism f***ery? smh.

Don’t think the con attendees are full of it? ¬†It’s not a¬†fest, it’s a¬†FeStIvAl!!!!” ‚Ķsee how many times you can take hearing this before you’re like “seriously? ¬†It’s not that freakin’ serious -_-” ¬†& you bet your schweet a$$ if you dare say ‘con’ or ‘fest’ you will hear this “MAG’s a special snowflake!” phrase. ¬†I mean, every con, regardless of genre, tries to distinguish itself from other cons, but this one’s the most obnoxious of all the cons I’ve dealt with.

Moving right along, programming was meh. ¬†It was great if you’re an Indie developer or looking into making video games (which is one of the few reasons why I would strongly recommend this CON) or if you loved all the guests & just had to see them, otherwise, wasn’t really all that much diversity in the panels offered. ¬†Additionally, talking to another friend we both agreed this is the type of con where, seemingly, an overwhelming majority of programming is coming from guests & Indie developers, everybody else can go suck it. ¬†It’s not really a big deal, but if you know that’s really the only type of panels you’re interested in having as a convention, then state so on the panel submission form/panel FAQ. ¬† I would have never wasted the time if I knew they were going to be that picky ~.~

Okay, I know this is a music & gaming¬†FeStIvAl!!! ¬†but let’s think about that for a sec. ¬†So you want to spend hundreds of dollars to essentially do things you can do at a fraction of the price on your own..? ¬†Even w/ the music, all these musicians have CDs & web sites & podcasts & a bunch of other things so you don’t have to go through such an investment to do the same freakin’ thing. ¬†Of course, though, to each their own‚Ķbut still >.> ¬†I mean, if we’re going to unfairly compare MAGfest to all ani-cons, @ least they¬†have a helluva lot more happening at any given moment than this one. ¬†Christ, it’s music, gaming (that you already do @ home), partying, or go f**k yourself X/

Cosplay‚Ķoh, cosplay. ¬†To sum this up, basically, party or GTFO X/ ¬†You may not notice anything at the con, but when you look at all the social networks‚Ķhoo boy. ¬†Additionally, if you have to ask the question “is it OK if I cosplay an anime char–” just don’t f’ing go. ¬†Seriously, the cosplay community already gets a lot of s**t here, don’t cosplay something not even gaming related (specifically, anything anime related). ¬†Basically, there’s a severe “ewe, cosplayers” mentality here. ¬†I mean, I’m not saying it should be more cosplay focused, but definitely not like “f*** cosplayers”. ¬†Don’t think you’re going to be harassed if you do decide to go in costume, but believe me when I say ‘music, partying, gaming, or GTFO’ x.x

In general, it reminds me of everything I hate about the gamer community: elitism (over the dumbest things), hating on others (for no reason other than b/c of¬†thinly veiled inferiority complexes), immaturity, man/woman-children, & a few other things. ¬†I’m not saying every single person at this con is like this, it’s just there’s a high concentration of this type of‚Ķbuffoonery. ¬†You’ll meet some really cool ppl. but holy s**t the garbage you have to scrounge through.


Dealer’s Room was ‘terrible’. ¬†Like, the actual vendors weren’t total s**t, just that imagine 5 different types of vendors & then 10 different iterations of the same 5 types‚Ķplus insanely high prices for games. ¬†For serious, I’ve seen far better prices & variety for games at any given anime con I’ve gone to vs. this crap.

Jesu¬†christo, I keep forgetting how expensive this area is when it comes to food @.@ ¬†One night I decided to order from the hotel‚Ķbig freakin’ mistake. ¬†For a basic turkey BLT & fries cost me $40+‚Ķsmh.

The Good

Like I said before in the disclaimer, I like individuals but I hate ppl. ¬†I met some really awesome individuals, had a great time socializing (thank God I’m not some stuck-up weeb that doesn’t know how to talk to ppl. [nah, I’m just a c**t ~.^]), had great cosplaying experiences (I was surprised how many ppl. recognized & liked my Dio [VLR]), & met up w/ a bunch of old friends (made a lot of new ones too).

Oh, & how could I forget, mofo Best Friends Zaibatsu XD  Honestly, main reason why I decided to show up & totally worth it ^.^

All in all

Of course, this is all my opinion (so commenting to argue w/ me is pointless b/c you’re basically trying to convince me that my personal opinions are wrong; i.e., I don’t know my own opinion), so the best way to judge this con for yourself is to go, but if you were really on the fence before (& you’re not the party or Indie gamer type), then I can definitely say beyond a reason of a doubt to not go.

Again, it was OK, however, it was technically the worst con¬†comparatively to all the ones I’ve attended. ¬†I could be tricked into going back for a day for group cosplay purposes (or just for Best Friends Zaibatsu), otherwise, it’s pretty much blacklisted for me ~.~