Help Me Decide My Monster Girl Cosplay for Katsu 2018

Poll below with the pictures of the options.  The poll will automatically close by December 1st at midnight.

I super appreciate any & all that vote.  Believe me, I like all of these & it’s been kinda hard narrowing it down, so please HALP ^.^; Incidentally, all monster girls pulled from Monster Girl Encyclopedia, Vol 2 book for those wondering.

Also, just in case the images are too small, attached bigger versions:


MAGfest 2017 Cosplay Choice

So, it’s between kinda b*tchy & super d*uche. Please help me decide, cause I can’t ~.~;

Started this on the Amino app, but to have better reach, going to blast it on all my social media as well.  I super appreciate all who participate ^.^

Just in case you can’t see the images well:


ACen 2015 Cosplays

With the exception of my Saturday cosplay “dilemma” & tie-breaking, the planned cosplays I have for ACen are:

The order’s probably going to be Grimmjow for Friday, *Saturday cosplay dilemma, & Cliff/Duke Venomania Sunday…or drop Cliff altogether & just do DV >.>  Still trying to decide (might just drop Cliff).  I know some other SO friends will be @ ACen, so I’ll bring Cliff regardless ~.~

UpDaTe (4/21/15)

So, plans have changed.  With the poll over & switching some things around, new line up is…

Grimmjow Friday, Codarl i (Venom) Saturday & at some point I’ll be Cliff since I know some fellow SO 3 fans will be doing their SO 3 stuff too, & Dio for Sunday.  Saturday’s gonna be kinda wonky, but both costumes will be relatively easy to take off/put on, esp. since I’m making Codarl like a body suit with the extra pieces being attached via velcro/magnets.