MAGfest 2017 Cosplay Choice

So, it’s between kinda b*tchy & super d*uche. Please help me decide, cause I can’t ~.~;

Started this on the Amino app, but to have better reach, going to blast it on all my social media as well.  I super appreciate all who participate ^.^

Just in case you can’t see the images well:



ACen Saturday Cosplay Poll Winner Is…

So, remember the poll I had for the last couple of weeks to determine my Saturday cosplay for ACen?  Well, of course you don’t (smh), but here are the results, the winner is~~~~~~

Codarl i, a.k.a. Venom (FMP!)

Codarl i, a.k.a. Venom (FMP!)

Thanks to all that participated & helped me out w/ this.  Now I will begin the arduous process of working on this magnificent beast.

See you at ACen!

Need Your Help! Saturday Cosplay for ACen 2015

Although it’s super last minute, please help me in picking my ACen 2015 cosplay!

The poll will close on Monday, 4/20/15 which should be enough time to make any of these cosplays, so definitely vote & share this w/ your friends via your various social medium so others can vote as well, would super appreciate it XD