Favorite Debate “Tactics”

Since I recently came up w/ a new panel idea & this relates, might as well write a “quick” post about it.

One of my favorite debate “tactics” when dealing with fandom related arguments is “your opinion doesn’t count b/c I said it doesn’t”. Not because of something more practical like my statement having shaky logic, I’m misquoting something to ‘support’ my argument, or even whatever I said not being relative to the argument, nope, just “I don’t really have a good point to rebuttal that, so I’m going to use some arbitrary b.s. reason to completely “discredit” your point” ~.~

This is all kinds of no. Basically, the good ‘ol “I can’t possibly be wrong/you can’t possibly be right” logical “fallacy”, where you refuse to admit someone made a good point b/c you’re always right & have perfectly flawless logic (X/). Sometimes, whether you want to admit it or not, someone has a perfectly sound counter argument that you couldn’t possibly argue & you just have to accept that & move on, not go full-on weeaboo manchild & immediately start throwing the weakest of “rebuttals” to defend your honor , you just come across as pathetic manchild of a ‘sore loser’, for lack of a better term.

To sum up the questionable logic as succinctly as possible: I said a particular show generally isn’t a good starter for someone trying to get into anime (AoT/SnK); they said it is; I counter w/ ultra violent shows depicting violence towards/maiming of children in fact isn’t a good series to get ppl. into anime; (their weaksauce reply?) well, live action stuff is violent (which, therefore, makes violent anime totally OK as a starter series) so my point is moot.

Just…just, no. This logic is all kinds of wrong, so I don’t even know where to begin. For starters, you’re implying that all current anime fans like violent anime, those yet to be indoctrinated generally won’t mind violence (esp. violence against children), & that violence is a universally accepted thing in which everyone loves & enjoys violent shows, which is wrong on multiple fronts. Not everyone enjoys violent live action medium in general, not everyone partakes in violent anime, everyone doesn’t enjoy children being maimed, etc., etc. It’s about as out of touch a rebuttal a weeaboo can give X/ Like, this man is educated, they should know better, & the best he could muster was “well…I don’t really have a good counter to that so…your argument is now invalid for raisins..?”. If you don’t have a good counter, accept it & move on, don’t dig yourself into a deeper hole & come across as an uneducated weeaboo elitist.

Like I stated before, the logic “your point doesn’t count b/c I said so” is about as weak an argument as you can give, besides the “precious perfect series” logic, & it’s shameful to see someone celebrated as being super educated & knowing his way around anime use such a…a…dumb defense for their point. It’s truly pathetic.

In other words, don’t do this kids. You come off looking incredibly stupid, elitist, a total weeaboo, & like you don’t know your head from your arse when it comes to academic debates. Refusing to accept someone’s rebuttal does not discredit their point, it just shows how immature you are.

FanDONT: Moe Fans *shivers*

Just another “Facebook gem” as it were.  This time on how much moe fans piss me off…& creep me the f**k out (@.@)

“Due to a recent experience, I’m gonna put this here…

Besides already *strongly* disliking moe (it’s child pornography/d*mn close, don’t even try to justify it), starting to have/been had an intense dislike w/ the fandom as well. I have never experienced a fandom so hypocritically judgmental before in my life. They borderline have a homophobic hatred for yaoi…but love what’s arguably nothing but child pornography??? I’ve never had good experiences w/ anybody from this fandom, they’re usually creepy balding older guys that should have stop going to cons long ago whom are also socially awkward to the nth degree & remind me of everything I hate about “otaku culture”.

OP fans piss me off & (as long as we’re not talking about Bleach), aren’t that hypocritically judgmental; Homestuck fandom isn’t actually that exclusive, just super annoying; Hetalia fandom has calm down a while ago; Bronies never bothered me, but freakin’ moe fans…*shivers*

Now, if you identify as being a part of the moe fandom, then keep this s** in mind & do your absolute best not to fall to this fallacy. As a yaoi fangirl (& w/ one of my best panels being my yaoi/bara one), I can say for a fact that it’s really the younger not legal girls that are the stereotypical “yaoi fangirls” (& even then)…& *still* manage to not be nearly as d*uchebaggish as moe fans, & it’s shameful seeing any fandom be that close-minded to the point of coming off as anti-LGBT, but holly f**k, screw that fandom -_-“

I honestly have a ton of reasons why I hate moe, namely of the lolicon variety, but this rant’s focus on moe fans.  It’s just baffling how blatantly hateful & hypocritical this fandom can be…as well as how creepy & socially awkward ~.~  It’s honestly f’ing disgusting, but as I said, if you act like this, all the shame; if you’re a moe fan & you don’t, awesome, I really mainly care about how fans treat each other & less on their fandom focus, but certain fandoms find a way to cross every line -_-  Oh, & how can I forget the obvious, don’t have an equal hatred for yaoi’s counterparts (yuri & hentai), juuusssttt yaoi ~.~  Of course >.>

Lastly, I know “creepy anime fans” come in all shapes & sizes, I’ve seen the ‘annoying/creeper moe fan guy’ as a thin, twig of a socially awkward guy, still w/ the intense hatred of BL (like it did something horrible to them) & general creepiness.  It’s just when it’s a balding White guy that has an obsession w/ WWII facts…probably a moe con creeper (but, of course, you won’t know until you see their con purchases of Kancolle figures, then you know for sure) >.>

Minor Rant: TROLLZ on Convention Social Networks

(Heads up: ‘Minor’ rant turned into a relatively long article ~.~)

I just love annoying trolling a’holes on convention Facebook pages/groups -_-  Like, you post a simple “Can someone help me with X”, “Can someone suggest…”, & for me “Please help me decide my Saturday cosplay for ACen!“, which is literally a vote or don’t situation.  Had to get the *retards that: a) obviously didn’t read the post at all; b) think their unfunny trolling is super hilarious (let’s call them UTards: YouTube retards that leave a million in one troll comments on any given YouTube video).  Stereotypical YouTube commenter logic doesn’t work on YouTube, let alone anywhere else, so seeing this when posting something inherently unoffensive is super annoying.

The icing on the cake is that I know that they think it’s funny to do it to other ppl., but if I or anyone else did it to them they would have several million statuses complaining about it/block the person.  What happened to a little thing called “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”?  ‘Cause you should really try it.  As far as I’m concerned, my belief is that you shouldn’t do that since it’s only a matter of time before you get outmatched & outclassed & you’re left looking a fool.

Legit, blocked about 4 trolling do*ches w/in 10 minutes b/c they thought it would be soooo hilarious to comment other options…despite the poll on the site I included having set choices..?  How is this funny exactly?  I have a post on my blog that’s collecting results, why would I care about you’re b.s. suggestion?  It’s not f’ing funny in the slightest X/  That was 1/2 of the stupid comments, the other half kept giving me unsolicited “I would’t take cosplay advice from others; just do what you want” type advice; i.e., “I didn’t didn’t read the post at all” type comments.  To which I responded “It’s my choice to ask for help, not anyone else’s”.  Seriously? You do realize you’re being a self-righteous illiterate prick when you start doling out advice that doesn’t even relate to the post ~.~ (smh).  F**ing cosplayers, man, freakin’ self-righteous socially retarded idiots (some of them) ~.~

As for my blocking ppl., got to that point b/c in both the original post & comments I asked ppl. to not comment “JUST FOR THE TROLZ” or make it clearly obvious they commented before they read anything (unsolicited cosplay “advice”)…& I still had the dumb@$$es who didn’t quite get the ‘hint’ X/  Additionally, had this one social tard keep commenting & just could not understand that I was polling on the narrowed down choices; i.e., I know what I want to cosplay, I just need to narrow it down to 1, more importantly, I didn’t ask for nor do I care about your opinion, just f**k off X/  Like, I don’t know what your thought processes are to think it’s OK to essentially force your “advice” on someone who clearly doesn’t want it, but it’s not OK, don’t do it -_-

I hate crap like this b/c it’s exactly things like this that turn ppl. off from FB groups/pages of cons, if not, outright turn them off from the convention entirely.  So, please don’t do this.  No one finds it funny, it’s annoying, you wouldn’t like it if someone did that to you, & it’s a little thing called ‘Block’, ppl. will invoke it & then you’ll be left looking like the idiot you are ~.~

*(Incidentally, since I know ppl. get their knickers in a knot about this, when I say retard, I mean it the way the word’s meant to be used, so please spare me your complaints)