AUSA 2016 Photoshoots & Such

So, in commemoration of the 2 Fate panels I had accepted, & b/c the Type Moon fandom is pretty rad, I’ll be hosting a shoot.

You can find the event page here & I’ll be posting things there as I get updates.
Secondly, there apparently will be an official shoot for JoJo…which I have to attend XD I’ll be cosplaying Joeseph Joe☆, Pt. 2 version, & I hope to have the Hamon mask done by then. Only thing is that it’s an hour before mine. So, after about 30 minutes I’m going to dip out, quickly change in one of the restrooms, then head to mine.

…Yaaaayy cosplay (@.@)


AUSA 2015 Panels

More FB statuses…

Found out AUSA 2015 panels:

The State of the Anime Community: Past, Present, & Future – Fri, 5-6:30p

Yurei, Yokai, & School Girls – Sat, 12:30-2p

Diamonds in the Rough: Videogame Edition – Sat, 9:30-11:30pm

Room locations coming soon~! Excited about this track for this year b/c it’s nothing but newness 😀 Also, the Yurei panel is on the same day as my awesome Halloween themed cosplay 😉

I can tell you right now, the Halloween themed cosplay is the Kuchisake-onna + something alluring & awesome. Can’t wait to do it.

Anyway, will announce panel locations & cosplays as soon as everything’s ironed out.