AX & Ota Canceled

It was announced last week but Anime Expo is canceled for the year.

Today Otakon has also announced cancelling for this year.

Not complaining but announcing for posterity sake. However, with these 2 cons canceled my July is now super free, so back to getting neck deep in gaming & photography 😅

Momocon Officially Canceled

Momocon made a statement officially announcing they’re canceling their 2020 event as well as their 2021 dates.

Again, super expected, best move to make, but sucks for the vendors, artists, event planners, & everyone else who relies on conventions for a stable source of income or pour a lot $$$ into making it happen.

Regardless, stay safe out there, friends.

Momocon Delay…

So, Momo recently announced it’s delaying it’s event. Still waiting to hear the new dates to adjust plane tickets & hotel reservation accordingly.

It was the next con I had panels at & the 3rd to be cancelled/delayed I was planning to attend. Tbh, really surprised it didn’t just cancel but who knows what the future will hold. Either way, rolling w/ the punches & just keeping an eye on things.

Also, although I’m not attending, ACen recently announced it’s canceling for those not in the know.

Anyway, will post more as I find things out.

Cancellations & Quarantine

So, Zenkaikon & Anime Boston have been canceled this year due to the COVID-19 outbreak & quarantine efforts to cull its spreading. Definitely not complaining in any way as it’s a necessary measure for ensuring public safety, just stating this as these were the next 2 cons I’d be attending for the year.

Currently there’s been a call to cancel all public events for the next 8 weeks & as far as it relates to my personal con schedule, may mean Momocon should be in the clear…should. Will hold out until it’s closer to the con to see.

Hopefully things will have died down by then but to be brutally honest, I don’t think it will…

All Updates COMPWETE!

Finally done, updated all the relevant pages so everything’s current~~!

Cosplays/Cons, New Cosplays per Year, Links, Panel Resources, Panel Descriptions, Previous Panels/Cons, & Schedule all updated.  Also, established a new system for disseminating panel resources: from now on I’m storing all relevant files in a public Dropbox folder to make it easier to upload everything & reduce the likelihood of me completely dropping off uploading files.

Besides this, going to get back into regularly posting updates & will have another post relatively soon going over the latest panels/cons that will becoming up, just waiting on some kinks to get ironed out in scheduling.

Anyway, now that I’m done with this I can cross this off my list & resume submitting panels to both AWA & Otakon.

It’s Been Too Long

It’s been 6ever since I last posted or updated. Currently strategizing new ways to make it easier for myself to update & will be updating everything in the next week.

Will post again once all changes have been applied as well as start back up regularly posting since I have several cons & panels coming up.

Been a While…

Ooh boy, know I haven’t posted in 5ever & I’m way behind in con reports, which I do plan on catching up on, but some minor updates:

  • Holiday Matsuri last year was really fun & the first time I truly enjoyed staffing in a while.
  • End of December going into the New Year I had a lot of fun w/ friends; marathoned a mix of great & subpar anime + movies; & Korean freakin’ BBQ~~
  • Got my DSLR camera & accessories so I can start playing n00b cosplay photographer♡ As far as the model of camera, got the Canon EOS Rebel T6i Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-135mm IS STM Lens. Bought my bundle from eBay brand new & I love this camera XD
  • Freakin’ (partial) gov’t shutdown b.s. begins ushering us into the new year.
  • MAGfest was pretty fun, but I still dgaf about doing it for next year if I can’t score a free badge from any (legitimate) means >___> Gah, it’s the most overhyped con ever X/ Anyway, friends let me tag along their shoot Friday so I actually got to practice w/ my new camera.
  • Finally marathoned Darling in the Franxx which I like to call ‘high quality trash’ 😏
  • Generally trying to use this time; i.e., during this gov’t shutdown, to: catch up on chores, pack old cosplays away, finish some anime, get a head start on certain cosplay, & basically catch up on all types of backlogs.

To see a more regularly updated social media account, make sure to check my Instagram (djdatemasamune) as I’m fairly active on that.

Anyway, still need to update certain pages on this blog, which I also plan on doing at some point. See u at w/e convention I may run into u ^.^