New Cosplays per Year

This page is just to help me keep track of all the new costumes I’ve made for a year.  I originally started with 2017, but I’ll eventually work back through 2013.  I’ve been cosplaying since…2004, but I really didn’t start keeping track of things until a few years ago ^.^;


  1. Li Shuwen (1st form, FGO) ~ end of 2017 ending w/ Ichibancon
  2. Jonathan Joe☆ (JJBA)
  3. Sakura Matou (F/SN)
  4. Terry Bogard (KoF)
  5. King (KoF)
  6. Juzo (DR/Despair Side)
  7. Kaito Wanijima (Air Gear)
  8. Amakusa, 2nd form (Fate/Grand Order)
  9. Joseph Joe☆ (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)
  10. Regal (Tales of Symphonia)
  11. Atrum Galliasta (Fate/Stay Night: UBW)
  12. Ashera (Fire Emblem)
  13. Joseph Oda (Evil W/In)
  14. Heroine X (Fate/Grand Order)
  15. Kimono wearing Kitsune (OC for Yurei/yokai panel)
  16. Kizami Yuuya (Corpse Party)
  17. Fear Garden Rin (Vocaloid)
  18. Sinbad (Magi)
  19. Pride! Rin (Daughter of Evil/7 Deadly Sins, Vocaloid)
  20. Rajaion (Fire Emblem)
  21. Tibarn (Fire Emblem)
  22. Male Protag, Saber Casual (Fate/Grand Order)
  23. Sloth! Miku (Vocaloid)
  24. Reno (FFVII: AC) ~ beginning of 2017 starting w/ MAGfest