Panel Descriptions

To make it easier on me when submitting panels, as well as give a brief snapshot of the panels I’ve hosted, here’s a list of all the panels with a basic description as to what it entails:

  1. Katsucon Presents: Panel Stylin’ and Profilin’
    • (Katsu ‘How-to panel’ panel)
    • Ever wanted to do panels for Katsu? Have questions about what we look for in panels?  Have questions about our policy?  Then this panel is for you!  Join us for a bit as we go over the nitty gritty details about submitting panels, the compensation policy, what we look for in panels, & anything else you want to know about presenting at Katsucon.
    • As one who’s recently gotten into the Vocaloid fandom, some of the main ones I hear songs from are Hatsune, Luka, Rin & Len, Meiko, Megumi, & even Kaito…& then there are hundreds of others I’m not nearly as familiar with. So, come along on a journey to discover the many, many, MANY divas in the world of Vocaloid.
  3. Pass the Haterade!: Most Hated Characters in Anime
    • Whether it be characters we can all agree suck, terrible people presented as “heroes/heroines”, or some more controversial picks, this panel will go over some of the most painfully annoying characters encountered in this panelist’s anime endeavors.
  4. 9 Persons, 9 Virtues, 9 D’bags: The Zero Escape series
    • This panel will go over the puzzling awesomeness of the Zero Escape series which brought you games like 999, Virtue’s Last Reward, & the most recent release (& conclusion to the series) Zero Time Dilemma. So, come one & all, let us find the 9th door together (& no backstabbing)! Also, this is a discussion styled panel, so be prepared to talk~!
  5. How-to Guide for Debating Fandom (with %90 Less Butthurt!)
    • As expected this panel will teach you the ins & outs of debating (responsibly) within fandom culture. From disliking popular series to casual conversations with your friends, this panel will give you all the basic tools on how to dispute, refute, & sometimes agree when talking all things fandom…with %90 less butthurt.
  6. Guropoid: Recounting Grotesque & WTF?! Vocaloid Videos
    • This panel will focus on all the creepy, grotesque, & general WTF?! videos out there on the interwebs provided for Vocaloids. So, bring your popcorn, hide yo’ wives, hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ husbands & come prepared to gawk at the insanity of the darker side of your beloved Vocaloids!
  7. Have You Seen This Anime? Reminisce & Recommend
    • Have you seen this anime?” A question many of us have probably asked other anime fans at one point or another, & here’s my panel with the same premise in mind recounting some of my favorite anime from days of yore & recommending some along the way.
  8. The State of the Anime Community: Past, Present, & Future
    • This panel will be a discussion on the past, present, & future of the anime community. Is it becoming too densely populated with youngsters?  Are fans running the anime industry into the ground?  Are some fans ‘gatekeeping’?  Is older anime generally of better quality than newer anime or vice versa?  Are fandoms ruining everything?  Are people too protective of their precious OTPs?
    • What other things do you want to discuss?  Come prepared to discuss all your opinions about this community’s state as well as bring an open mind.
  1. Eternal Zetsubou! Dangan Ronpa Series
    • Some like a little murder mystery with their off-the-wall high school drama…& bears (sometimes rabbits). Come fangasm over the awesome mystery game series known as Dangan Ronpa & recount some of our most loved, shocking, despairing, & WTF moments of this quirky series.
  2. Final Fantasy: Love It or Hate It, They Still Have All Your $$$
    • This fun panel will give fans of the seemingly never-ending Final Fantasy series an outlet to discuss, complain, nerd rage, & generally get together to go over the many everything’s of the FF universe.
  3. CLAMP in Wonderland
    • This informative panel will go over the many accomplishments, works, & contributions of the all-female group CLAMP to the anime world & provide an interesting look at what went on behind the scenes as well as the social & political influences that have affected several of their works.
  4. Defaming the Sacred!: Critical Looks At Popular & Classic Anime
    • This panel will be taking a super critical look at some of the most beloved & popular anime that have come out in the past & recently. In this panel, feelz are defamed, beloved series are ruined forever, & people’s buttons will be pressed, so bring lots of tolerance, open-mindedness, & the willingness to hear less than stellar things about your favorite series of all time.
  5. Yurei, Yokai, & School Girls
    • This panel will take a look at Japanese myth & lure shown in various anime as well as list the various types of yurei, yokai, & oni that tend to pop up.
  6. Sengoku Era Anime
    • Will cover the Sengoku Era in Japan and its influence on various anime and videogame series.
  7. Sengoku Era Figures & Their Media Portrayals
    • Basically, the ‘historical figures vs. media’ portion of my Sengoku Era panel. This panel will go over several famous Sengoku era figures and their oftentimes hilarious portrayal in anime, videogames, & the like.
  8. The Sengoku Era, Basara, You, & Awesomeness
    • This panel will totes get your guns put on as we go over the Sengoku Basara and its “eccentric” depiction of the Sengoku era as well as the ACTUAL Sengoku era.
  9. Melody of a Lifetime: The Ar Tonelico series
    • This panel will go over the great J-RPG widget series Ar Tonelico & discuss its many aspects.
  10. Diamonds in the Rough: Videogame Edition
    • Alt title: …(side order of J-RPGs)
    • Covering some less than stellar games/series that you should still give a chance despite their many flaws with a particular focus on several JRPG games/series. Audience participation is encouraged!
  11. Figures to the Max!
    • This panel will go over all the what, where, when, how, & “ZOMG, I want that!”s of figure collecting.
  12. Figures to the Max! Blinded by B00bs Edition
    • This panel will go over all the what, where, when, how, & “WTF, I want that!”s of figure collecting. In this edition, now exploring the darker side of figure collecting; i.e., let’s just say figures that show more of an appreciation of the human body 😉
  13. Valkyria Chronicles: A Love Story, A War, & Snipers
    • An in-depth look at the Valkyria Chronicles videogame series, its ins and outs, and its other gameplay aspects.
  14. Timey-Wimey Anime
    • A panel that will look at the incorporation of time travel in anime, and cover various anime that use this as a central focus to its plot.
  15. Unlimited Bleach Works
    • This panel will give a timeline of the popular Shonen series Bleach & will illuminate the audience about ALL THE THINGS Bleach related.
  16. Bleach : Shunpou Edition
    • A hyper quick overview of Bleach from beginning to end with audience participation encouraged for maximum enjoyment! The funnier the summation, the better ^.^
  17. Bleach, the Final Frontier
    • With the Bleach series over & done with, let’s recount the many highs & lows of this series that spanned over 15 years.
  18. Weeaboos, Japanophiles, Race, & Actual Japan
    • Want to learn about actual Japan? You know, what Japan is like in reality, not what that anime/manga/videogame tells you?  Then come to this panel to demystify the Land of the Rising Sun that will surprise you with facts about Japan, amaze you by demolishing those nasty lies that weeaboos spread about what Japan is like, and shock you with related race issues.  Besides these informative tidbits, also be prepared for some slightly contentious topics to come up in relation to these things.
  19. How to Con: Staying in A Hotel
    • This panel will give some much needed tips & tricks for staying at a hotel during any given con. Must see for those newer to the con scene or for any who don’t know the fine print when it comes to hotel reserving!
  20. Yaoi Tropes & Trends
    • Alt name: YT & T 3-Bigger, Longer, Harder MOTTO!!
    • Alt name 2: Yaoi & Bara Tropes & Trends
    • Alt name 3: Yaoi & Bara Tropes & Trends 4: You Put What WHERE!?
    • Alt name 4: Yaoi & Bara Tropes & Trends: Of Course It Can Fit!
    • Alt name 5: Yaoi & Bara Tropes & Trends: If it Fits, I Sits
    • A panel that will go over even more trends and tropes that occur in many a yaoi & bara manga, anime, & date sims. Also, prepare to be blinded by the amazing awesomeness of boy’s (& men’s) love!
  1. Cosplay Dos & Don’ts/Cosplay Smarter: Ways to Save on Your Cosplay & Other General Tips
    • A panel going over money saving strategies, tips, & tricks in the fanciful world of cosplay that will help keep your cosplay costs down in the long run.
  2. Fate Universe (Type-Moon)-I Am the bone of My Panel…
    • Alt change: FU: The Noblest of All Phantasms
    • Everything you need to know about the Fate portion of the Type-Moon multiverse. From the origin of GAR to the awesomeness which is Fate/Zero, it’s everything you ever needed to know to navigate this very detailed world of Holy Grail wars, Servants & Masters, and Noble Phantasms.
  3. I’m At Your Service: Servants of the Fate Universe
    • The fantastical world of Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Fate/Grand Order, & many others feature many a real life legend or historical figure portrayed as Heroic Spirits. In this panel, let’s explore some of these figures, how they’re represented & how accurate they are to their real life counterparts.
  4. But What Is “Evil”? Morality & Ethics in the Fate Universe
    • Practically every entry within the Fate portion of the Type Moon multiverse plays around with ethical codes, “good vs evil”, intentions, & virtues, this panel’s aim is to get to the bottom of it & discuss the intricate nature of morality in the Fate Universe.
  5. Obscure J-RPGs You Should Play (That are available in America)
    • This panel will go over and recommend some of the lesser known J-RPGs (Japanese role-playing games) that are available in America for viewers to play, and go over some basic information about the game and why it’s awesome.
  6. Alternate title: Sit Down, STFU, & Play This J-RPG (Deluxe Edition)
    • Whether it be tactical, date simmy, grinding, training your mons, a hybrid of all of those, or ??? (profits?), you need to play these RPGs, exactly right now. Come to this panel to get some awesome game recommendations & listen to the panelist wax poetic about all the nostalgia feelz for some amazing JRPGs she’s played in her lifetime.
  7. Guide to Buying ALL THE THINGS
    • This panel will relay important information about how to buy ALL THE THINGS when it comes to anime, manga, and imports and how to do so in the most money conscious and economical way possible. This panel will also advise viewers on what to look out for when buying online, in the dealer’s room, or anywhere else to avoid some fairly unpleasant situations.
  8. Bara vs. Yaoi: A Look Into the XY/XY Love Categories
    • This panel will cover the major differences between the similar but very different genres of yaoi and bara.
  9. Tales of…Everything
    • A panel about the awesomeness which is the Tales of series.
  10. How to Become a Quality Panelist
    • Panel for all those interested in one day giving a panel & would like a few tips & tricks for the road to get started. Presented by the notorious daimyo dj Date Masamune!
  11. Tales of Panels: A Panel About Panels
    • Alternate title: ToP: Panelist Advice & Stories
    • A panel that will go over the trials & tribulations, bittersweet memories & things never to be mentioned again, WTF?! moments, and everything else in-between of several panelists in an effort to help others who also want to get into the con panelist biz and what to expect.
  12. BlazBlue: Info. & Other Time-Paradox F*ckery/Buffoonery
    • This panel will go through the odds & ends of the BlazBlue world; from the paradoxical plot to the fight mechanics. This panel will cover the blazing awesomeness of the intricate world of BlazBlue.  Definite must see for those left cross-eyed trying to understand the complexities of this amazing game from Aksys.
  13. .hack// Series
    • Alt name: ‘The World’ of .hack
    • Goes over the entirety of ‘The World’ of the .hack series & its various entries, whether it be games, novels, anime, and the like.
  14. Let’s Go to ‘The World’: A Panel About the .hack games
    • This panel will go over the awesomeness of the .hack games & geek over there many moments of glee, excitement, surprise, & general nostalgia.
  15. Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’s’ Effect on Anime & Manga
    • This panel will analyze ‘Alice in Wonderland’s’ effect on anime and its many many incarnations.
  16. Crazy In Love…But Mostly Crazy: Yanderes in Anime
    • Frequently when one hears the term yandere, one of the main characters that comes to mind is Yuno Gasai, but she’s only the tip of the iceberg in the vast sea known as anime of crazy obsessed characters that exist. Join dj Date Masamune as she recounts some of the wildest yandere characters she’s encountered in all her anime endeavors.
  17. Diamonds in the Rough: Anime Edition
    • This engaging panel will cover some less than stellar anime/series that the panelist believes you should still give a chance despite their many flaws.
  18. Pass the Haterade!: Most Hated Characters in Anime
    • Whether it be characters we can all agree suck, terrible people presented as “heroes/heroines”, or some more controversial picks, this panel will go over some of the most painfully annoying characters encountered in this panelist’s anime endeavors.
  19. Violence Solves Everything
    • Panel going over some of the most over the top violent scenes in numerous anime this panelist has encountered.
  20. Days of Our BlazBlue
    • This panel will go through the odds & ends of the BlazBlue world; from the paradoxical plot to the intricate relationships. This panel will cover the blazing awesomeness of the fascinating world of BlazBlue. Definite must see for those left cross-eyed trying to understand the complexities of this amazing game series.