Guide to Buying ALL THE THINGS

Desc. for program guide: This panel will relay important information about how to buy ALL THE THINGS when it comes to anime, manga, and imports and how to do so in the most money conscious and economical way possible. This panel will also advise viewers on what to look out for when buying online, in the dealer’s room, or anywhere else to avoid some fairly unpleasant situations.

This is another retired panel that first was presented @ AUSA 2012.  It was last presented @ AUSA 2013 which was one I decided I had to retire this panel as well (pdf of panel).  Essentially, too much was going on (@.@).  There was advice on: buying anime, manga, cosplay, hoteling, figure collecting, Gundams, panel, etc., etc.  The basic approach was to take each section, which all could be a panel on their own, & give them their own separate panels.  Already did it for cosplay, figure collecting/Gundam, gaming, hoteling, etc., so, clearly, this was the way to go.  This way, I have a more focused panel, I get several panels out of the deal, & don’t have to worry about dealing w/ this out-of-control behemoth of a panel.

Lesson learned: focus your panel topics & divide it into separate panels i need be. FOCUS!!!


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