Tales of Panels: A Panel About Panels

Con guide desc. of panel: A panel that will go over the trials & tribulations, bittersweet memories & things never to be mentioned again, WTF?! moments, and everything else in-between of several panelists in an effort to help others who also want to get into the con panelist biz and what to expect.


This was more of a crappy time slot deal.  If I were the panelist I am now, I would have outright turned down doing that panel (& see if I ca get another one that was wait-listed on the schedule) but I was just all too thrilled to have anything accepted & would pretty much bend over backwards for any panel scheduled at any time.  To put it (somewhat) briefly:

(a little here), excerpt

…-My panel, Tales of Panels, was at 3 in the freakin’ morning & had *very* little attendance, which I also blame on an ambiguous name (since most ppl. don’t read the description of panels in the guide), but its serious lack of attendees can be blamed primarily on a s**tty time slot…


(main article), excerpt

…Dude(tte), 3am for this panel…not that much attendance (not surprised), my co-panelist were late (not a big deal) & the other didn’t show up (had a good excuse, but you never contacted me so I find it hard to sympathize all that much ~.~), & the title of the panel probably wasn’t descriptive enough.  Next year, cement co-panelists early, DON’T make it 18+, & a better title.  Honestly, it was still pretty good, just too freakin’ late. …


Yeah, sometimes when you get truly bad panel times (anything in the graveyard hours of a con that is of the 24-hour programming variety), if you can’t negotiate a better time, just let it go.  When panels are too late, it can effect the overall attendance since, let’s be honest, who wants to see anything educational & requires any level of thinking at 4, 5, 6 in the morning?  It’s just too late/early.  However, this isn’t saying you should just lose all hope if you get this kinda time slot (esp. after stating a very specific window of time you’re available in the panel application), you can honestly still go on w/ it & hope for the best, just be prepared for very small attendance (if any).  Additionally, even if it’s not a 24-hour con & crappy time slot combo, if you’re non-18+ panel is put super later (past midnight), that also can be bad b/c ppl. more or less assume it’s 18+ when it’s that late at night.  Again, you can persevere, just don’t get your hopes up.

Basically, be realistic.

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