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Screenshot of UBW from 2012

Screenshot of UBW from 2012/2013

Con guide desc. of panel:  A panel that will go over all the need-to-knows, lesser knowns, & funny ‘Lolz, wut?’ moments that have occurred throughout the train wreck which is Bleach.


This story is going to be a stellar case of the infamous “I know more than the panelist!” pissing contest some audience members love to have (w/o including the panelist).  These types love to showboat to anyone w/in radius how much a particular panel sucked…but never actually offer the panelist any feedback; good, bad, or indifferent.  They’re doing this solely so they can feel like they’re better than someone else, even though they know deep down inside they’re still a rotting sack of s**t ~.~  Also, the main piece of advice from any excerpt will be bolded for your reading convenience.

Anyway, here’s the tale (also, I write…A LOT, so be prepared for some reading):

(a little here), excerpt

…-I went to this panel (Con Rage, which was totally awesome by the way), where the point was to give the audience & the panelists themselves a chance to rant about things they absolutely couldn’t stand that happened during the course of Katsucon.  It was 18+ & it was really great and entertaining…until that one, d*ckless wonder d*uche of a pasty white twig (who also happened to be one of the co-panelists) had to pull one of “That Guy” moments.  Basically, he did a “I know more than the panelist did”… on one of my panels (Bleach, here’s a link to the panel BTW:https://fevryone.wordpress.com/con-things/panel-series/katsucon-19-2013/resources-for-katsucon-19-panels/).  Let me put it this way, he didn’t expect me to be in the audience & he sure as hell wasn’t prepared for the…tongue lashing he got from me.  Hell, the audience was so hype at that point both of us got drowned out & the other co-panelists quickly changed the topic.  To further elucidate, this guy said absolutely nothing proving he knew s*it about anything during or after my panel via face-to-face or e-mail, & as far as I’m concerned, if you can’t prove you “know more” then you don’t, & you need to sit your concave c*ck down & STFU X/  I wasn’t angry, ‘cause I had a chance to defend myself, but I will be writing a post about this later on my blog.  Needless to say, if you think a panelist got some piece of info. wrong on their panel, tell them about it, don’t be the passive-aggressive d*ckless s*it that goes to ANOTHER PANEL to talk s*it about the panelist.  You look like a coward, which is what I called him practically to his face ~.~ (Nobody f**k’s with DJ Date Masamune -.-)…



(main article), excerpt

…As mentioned before in a previous post with an encounter with “That Guy” in another panel (link listed below), where, basically, he pulled one of those “I know more than the panelist…” moves, which was dumb b/c: a) Definitely didn’t expect me to be there, b) Didn’t have his own facts straight when stating ‘what I messed up’, c) The “main” thing I ‘messed up’ was purely a subjective thing making it impossible to claim you know more than anyone about it (I said a particular fight took less time in the manga than the anime, not exactly grounds to say “you know more…” in any sense -_-), d) Like all my panels, I was open to comments/questions the entire time, so to sit there for an 1 ½ + & not say anything is on you, don’t pull that “I didn’t want to show up the panelist” bulls**t ‘cause, clearly, you had no intention of being anything but a useless coward & you pretty much cemented the deal by waiting to complain about it at another panel vs. to the panelist face-to-face, e) Seriously, look at this panel: https://fevryone.wordpress.com/con-things/panel-series/katsucon-19-2013/resources-for-katsucon-19-panels/ (Bleach, of course), I worked my a$$ off for this panel (even though it’s just Bleach ~,~), so anyone telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about can suck it, ‘cause I worked my a$$ off.  Heck, he’s probably one of those types of guys that can’t take a woman speaking authoritatively about anything & had his knickers all in a bunch over that, f) People seemed to generally enjoy it (I had a bigger crowd that stayed the entire 2 hours+ than AUSA), so I’m obviously not going to let one d*ckless wonder ruin my overall great experience.  It was just amazing to me ‘cause I was granted an opportunity to stop someone talking s*it about me dead in their tracks & at least cause some question in the legitimacy of their claim by virtue of being there & defending myself, what more could I ask for?…


Yeah, that was back in Katsu 2013, you bet come Katsu 2014 he was mysteriously MIA (which could be for any number of reasons, soooo >.>).  Anyway, I bolded the main point but to summarize: never talk s**t about a panelist behind their back when you can just tell them your quarrels to their face.  Anyone who does this is a cowardly @$$hole & can be really detrimental to any panel/panelist b/c they start spreading ugly lies that eat away at the panel/panelists’ reputation.  It can be infuriating, but you just have to learn how to roll w/ the punches & not let every cowardly d*uche get to you.  Also, as you start to establish yourself more as a panelist & build a dedicated fanbase, ppl. will know better & know not to take anything seriously from these cowardly critters.

Trust me, if your’re doing anything right you’ll always have at least a majority of the ppl. that attended like what you did.  This doesn’t mean their isn’t room for improvement (especially w/ this panel; got to be a behemoth that needed to be cut back which happened w/ this panel, Bleach: Shunpou Edition) , but definitely don’t let super negative, spiteful, hateful comments get to you.

You can do it!!!! XD

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