Weeaboos, Japanophiles, & (Actual) Japan

con guide description: Want to learn about actual Japan? You know, what Japan is like in reality, not what that anime/manga/videogame tells you?  Then come to this panel to demystify the Land of the Rising Sun that will surprise you with facts about Japan, amaze you by demolishing those nasty lies that weeaboos spread about what Japan is like, and shock you with related race issues.  Besides these informative tidbits, also be prepared for some slightly contentious topics to come up in relation to these things.   

This was one of the first panels I did EVAR!  It was presented @ AUSA 2012 along w/ 4 other panels (last entry).  Basically, it was waaay to hateful & accusatory.  Not to mention too disorganized (if it was called ‘Vices of Japan’, sure, but otherwise it could have been way better).  I saw a panel the following year w/ a similar feel (& I cannot remember it for the life of me) but it was just better in every way.  Less accusatory, more “we all had that phase” (which is way easier to approach than ‘what idiot does this?!’), & just overall a more pleasant feel.  Ultimately, this was the 1st (& last) time I presented this panel, the newer version being ‘Vices of Japan’ which I only submitted to a few cons & am not rushing to do that one either.

Lesson learned: be mindful of the tone of your panel & sometimes you may want to dial it back to make it more approachable for your audience.  My Defaming the Sacred (DtS) panel is the exemplary case (of my panels) where I’m taking a critical look at the anime culture but I do so more constructively.  Even then the weeaboo panel had too many things going on (trying to hate on too many things but also have Japanese facts), whereas DtS is far more focused.  Lessons learned for all of us ~.~

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