Magfest 13 Feelz: Meh

Before I get started, 2 things: 1) I was kinda sick when I wrote this, so excuse the (more than usual) meandering; 2) Best Tumblr post I ever saw: I hate ppl. but I like individuals (keep this in mind).

It wassss…OK.  The short of it:

  • (In general) Immature, puerile, sophomoric con attendees (basically, imagine a con overrun by drunken frat boys/ravr kids)
  • Quite frankly, con attendees remind me of everything I hate about the gamer community (I say this as someone who’s been in gaming far longer than any other geekdom I consider myself a part of & it’s been going bad for years)
  • “It’s not a fest, it’s a fEsTiVaL!!” …seriously?  Grow the f**k up ~.~
  • The most obnoxious, pompous, snobbish con mentality I’ve ever dealt w/ (‘we’re waaaayyy better than any anime con!’); mind you, no other genre con got as much s*it as anime cons…which typically have far more mature con attendees than this one (if we’re going to be c**ts about it >.>)
  • I can understand not really caring about cosplay, but I outright felt cosplayers were looked down upon (may not notice at the con, however, check all the social medium)
  • Didn’t care for the programming (50% Indie gaming related, 50% guest panels), so, if you don’t really care for the guest panels or aren’t interested in Indie gaming, you’re SOL; in my opinion, it was better last year since it actually had a lot more diversity in the type of panels offered
  • That being said, I’m pretty much guaranteed to not get panels accepted, so why bother?
  • Yay music & gaming…2 things I can do for far cheaper w/o the con (~.~); also, imagine a con planned by the ravr kids from anime cons X/
  • F**k party cons -_-  You can spend less $$$ to hang out w/ friends if you arrange your own party/get-together

In general:

This con had some of the most immature con attendees I’ve ever dealt w/, which isn’t too surprising given it’s a ‘party con’ (Oh, I’m sorry, FeStIvAl [every time I heard this I threw up a little bit in my mouth ~.~]).  Real talk: regardless of what day it is, you don’t really see ppl. until late afternoon; granted, what party starts while light’s still out?  Anyway, you wanna know what makes drunken frat boy type attendees even worse?  B.S. sense of superiority b/c it’s “not an anime con”.

At multiple points I ran into ppl. that gave me the same “Well, MAGfest’s just waaaay better than anime cons.  Everyone knows that (& f**k Katsucon)!”…like, wtf?  I understand not wanting to go to them (not saying anyone should) or defending any specific con (if you don’t like Katsu, who am I to say ‘f**k you!’ on that?) but it’s a freakin’ leap to say MAG is better than all anime conventions.  Based on what?  MAG having more drunk ppl. per square foot than any given anime convention?  Or maybe it’s b/c of all the b.s. geek elitism f***ery? smh.

Don’t think the con attendees are full of it?  It’s not a fest, it’s a FeStIvAl!!!!” …see how many times you can take hearing this before you’re like “seriously?  It’s not that freakin’ serious -_-”  & you bet your schweet a$$ if you dare say ‘con’ or ‘fest’ you will hear this “MAG’s a special snowflake!” phrase.  I mean, every con, regardless of genre, tries to distinguish itself from other cons, but this one’s the most obnoxious of all the cons I’ve dealt with.

Moving right along, programming was meh.  It was great if you’re an Indie developer or looking into making video games (which is one of the few reasons why I would strongly recommend this CON) or if you loved all the guests & just had to see them, otherwise, wasn’t really all that much diversity in the panels offered.  Additionally, talking to another friend we both agreed this is the type of con where, seemingly, an overwhelming majority of programming is coming from guests & Indie developers, everybody else can go suck it.  It’s not really a big deal, but if you know that’s really the only type of panels you’re interested in having as a convention, then state so on the panel submission form/panel FAQ.   I would have never wasted the time if I knew they were going to be that picky ~.~

Okay, I know this is a music & gaming FeStIvAl!!!  but let’s think about that for a sec.  So you want to spend hundreds of dollars to essentially do things you can do at a fraction of the price on your own..?  Even w/ the music, all these musicians have CDs & web sites & podcasts & a bunch of other things so you don’t have to go through such an investment to do the same freakin’ thing.  Of course, though, to each their own…but still >.>  I mean, if we’re going to unfairly compare MAGfest to all ani-cons, @ least they have a helluva lot more happening at any given moment than this one.  Christ, it’s music, gaming (that you already do @ home), partying, or go f**k yourself X/

Cosplay…oh, cosplay.  To sum this up, basically, party or GTFO X/  You may not notice anything at the con, but when you look at all the social networks…hoo boy.  Additionally, if you have to ask the question “is it OK if I cosplay an anime char–” just don’t f’ing go.  Seriously, the cosplay community already gets a lot of s**t here, don’t cosplay something not even gaming related (specifically, anything anime related).  Basically, there’s a severe “ewe, cosplayers” mentality here.  I mean, I’m not saying it should be more cosplay focused, but definitely not like “f*** cosplayers”.  Don’t think you’re going to be harassed if you do decide to go in costume, but believe me when I say ‘music, partying, gaming, or GTFO’ x.x

In general, it reminds me of everything I hate about the gamer community: elitism (over the dumbest things), hating on others (for no reason other than b/c of thinly veiled inferiority complexes), immaturity, man/woman-children, & a few other things.  I’m not saying every single person at this con is like this, it’s just there’s a high concentration of this type of…buffoonery.  You’ll meet some really cool ppl. but holy s**t the garbage you have to scrounge through.


Dealer’s Room was ‘terrible’.  Like, the actual vendors weren’t total s**t, just that imagine 5 different types of vendors & then 10 different iterations of the same 5 types…plus insanely high prices for games.  For serious, I’ve seen far better prices & variety for games at any given anime con I’ve gone to vs. this crap.

Jesu christo, I keep forgetting how expensive this area is when it comes to food @.@  One night I decided to order from the hotel…big freakin’ mistake.  For a basic turkey BLT & fries cost me $40+…smh.

The Good

Like I said before in the disclaimer, I like individuals but I hate ppl.  I met some really awesome individuals, had a great time socializing (thank God I’m not some stuck-up weeb that doesn’t know how to talk to ppl. [nah, I’m just a c**t ~.^]), had great cosplaying experiences (I was surprised how many ppl. recognized & liked my Dio [VLR]), & met up w/ a bunch of old friends (made a lot of new ones too).

Oh, & how could I forget, mofo Best Friends Zaibatsu XD  Honestly, main reason why I decided to show up & totally worth it ^.^

All in all

Of course, this is all my opinion (so commenting to argue w/ me is pointless b/c you’re basically trying to convince me that my personal opinions are wrong; i.e., I don’t know my own opinion), so the best way to judge this con for yourself is to go, but if you were really on the fence before (& you’re not the party or Indie gamer type), then I can definitely say beyond a reason of a doubt to not go.

Again, it was OK, however, it was technically the worst con comparatively to all the ones I’ve attended.  I could be tricked into going back for a day for group cosplay purposes (or just for Best Friends Zaibatsu), otherwise, it’s pretty much blacklisted for me ~.~