AWA 2018 Panels

Just recently heard back from the AWA panel team about panels, here’s what I’ll have this year:

  • Figures to the Max! Blinded by B00bs Edition (18+)
  • Pass the Haterade!: Most Hated Characters in Anime (18+)
  • Defaming the Sacred!: Critical Looks At Popular & Classic Anime
  • Final Fantasy: Love It or Hate It, They Still Have All Your $$$
  • Sit Down, STFU, & Play This J-RPG (Deluxe Edition)
  • The State of the Anime Community: Past, Present, & Future

I’m especially excited for both of the 18+ panels I’ll have, but I’m super excited about this roster in general. Looking forward to both panel & cosplay suicide this year ūüėÖūüíÄūüĎĽ

Minor Rant: TROLLZ on Convention Social Networks

(Heads up: ‘Minor’ rant turned into a relatively long article ~.~)

I just¬†love annoying trolling a’holes on convention Facebook pages/groups -_- ¬†Like, you post a simple “Can someone¬†help me with X”, “Can someone suggest‚Ķ”, & for me “Please help me decide my Saturday cosplay for ACen!“, which is literally a vote or don’t situation. ¬†Had to¬†get the *retards that: a) obviously didn’t read the post at all; b) think their unfunny trolling is super hilarious (let’s call them UTards: YouTube retards that leave a million in one troll comments on any given YouTube video). ¬†Stereotypical YouTube commenter logic doesn’t work on YouTube, let alone anywhere else, so seeing this when posting something inherently unoffensive¬†is super annoying.

The icing on the cake is that I know that they think it’s funny to do it to other ppl., but if I or anyone else did it to them they would have several million statuses complaining about it/block the person. ¬†What happened to a little thing called “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”? ¬†‘Cause you should really try it. ¬†As far as I’m concerned, my belief is that you shouldn’t do that since it’s only a matter of time before you get outmatched & outclassed & you’re left looking a¬†fool.

Legit, blocked about 4 trolling do*ches w/in 10 minutes b/c they thought it would be soooo hilarious to comment other options‚Ķdespite the poll on the site I included having set choices..? ¬†How is this funny exactly? ¬†I have a post on my blog that’s collecting results, why would I care about you’re b.s. suggestion? ¬†It’s not f’ing funny in the slightest X/ ¬†That was 1/2 of the stupid comments, the other half kept giving me unsolicited “I¬†would’t take¬†cosplay advice from others; just do what you want” type advice; i.e., “I didn’t didn’t read the post at all” type comments. ¬†To which I responded “It’s my choice to ask for help, not anyone else’s”. ¬†Seriously? You¬†do realize you’re being a self-righteous illiterate prick¬†when you start doling out advice that¬†doesn’t even relate to the post ~.~ (smh). ¬†F**ing cosplayers, man, freakin’ self-righteous socially retarded idiots (some of them) ~.~

As for my blocking ppl., got to that point b/c in both the original post & comments I asked ppl. to not comment “JUST FOR THE TROLZ” or make it clearly obvious they commented before they read anything¬†(unsolicited cosplay “advice”)‚Ķ& I still had the dumb@$$es who didn’t quite get the ‘hint’ X/ ¬†Additionally, had this one social tard keep commenting & just could not understand that I¬†was polling on the narrowed down choices; i.e., I¬†know what I want to cosplay, I just need to narrow it down to 1, more importantly,¬†I didn’t ask for nor do I¬†care about your opinion, just f**k off X/ ¬†Like, I don’t know what your thought processes are to think it’s OK to essentially force your “advice” on someone who¬†clearly doesn’t want it, but it’s not OK, don’t do it -_-

I hate crap like this b/c it’s exactly things like this that turn ppl. off from FB groups/pages of cons, if not, outright turn them off from the convention entirely. ¬†So, please don’t do this. ¬†No one finds it funny, it’s annoying, you wouldn’t like it if someone did that to you, & it’s a little thing called ‘Block’, ppl. will invoke it & then you’ll be left looking like the idiot you are ~.~

*(Incidentally, since I know ppl. get their knickers in a knot about this, when I say retard, I mean it the way the word’s meant to be used, so please spare me your complaints)