ZOMG, Amnesia: Memories Otome Coming State-side XD

Here’s the trailer & article
To be perfectly honest, like Gakuen Heaven, the anime was mediocre at best, I just wanted the date sim. In Amnesia’s case, the visuals & character designs were gorgeous & I loved the concept for the plot, but there was no US release for the original 2 date sims at the time the anime came out & I was super disappointed…not anymore now XD

Supposed to be coming out later this year in August on the PS Vita via he PSN, so I can’t wait. Also, love getting games justifying the purchase & existence of the Vita ^.^


Recent chapter of Bleach…

ch. 624, Bleach

ch. 624, Bleach



You know how I was when Aizen came back & all the feelz for that?  It’s like that times infinity, I can’t breathe right now & I’m going to have to take a break from the internet so I can cope w/ EVERY FEEL KNOWN TO MAN @.@  I thought I knew what fangirling was, apparently I f***ing didn’t until now X.X


Bleach, I Can’t Even (@.@)

So, I’m going to keep posting this as many times as it takes to keep me from going insane & being committed, but I’ve now officially checked out of life due to this little…nuke shown in the last Bleach chapter (also, huge spoiler ahead):

Taken from bleachexile.com

Taken from bleachexile.com

So, now I can’t even life.  I’m f’ing done X.X  &, don’t get me wrong, I knew this was going to happen, but to see it…now I can’t life I, in fact, #CantEven


(Hell, we’re not even gonna talk about what’s happening w/ Ukitake right now >.>)