Mini Anime Reviews

Basically, all my short FB posts that are anime movie/series reviews.




So, I recently finished this.  Pretty much marathoned it in one long night since it was only 13 episodes, & I have to say, definitely worth it!

Although I literally straight up knew the culprit from the opening credits of the 2nd episode, I guess it was a worthwhile trade off for having a well written mystery story w/ a relatively small cast (& some other elements I’m a huge sucker for).  I definitely was engaged pretty much every episode & always excited for the next one

Now, some say this is a really depressing or sad anime or however you wanna phrase it, but as a connoisseur of sad/depressing shows (Bokurano, Narutaru, & Now & Then, Here & There just to name a few), it wasn’t all that depressing.  It honestly had a surprisingly upbeat ending, but that’s just my personal opinion.  Honestly, the whole show revolved around the adult fear of terrible things happening to your children as well as never f***ing going alone, which is horrifying in & of itself, but it wasn’t the level of sadness & depression I’ve seen in other shows, which isn’t really a mark against it so much as ppl. giving me unrealistic expectations.

Also, as I kind of mentioned before, arguably the theme of this show is never leaving ppl. by themselves, especially if you feel they’re lonely, & never going to places by yourselves.  Oh, & watch your f’ing kids, beware of authority figures (some are good, some are bad), & always be honest, no matter how much you think the other person may not believe you (paraphrasing that one but more or less). There are some other messages but these are the main ones that stood out to me.

Lastly, best sensei EVAR!  Super hot, even as an oyaji-kun, great character development, & just all around great guy ^.^  Don’t f’ing read into that too much 🙂


MV5BMTQ3NTYzOTM2Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzMwMjA1OA@@._V1_SY317_CR5,0,214,317_AL_So, what did I think about ‘Children Who Chase Lost Voices’?

This movie wants to be Princess Mononoke SOOOO BAAADDD. The main characters all gender/alliance flipped versions of the central 3 characters from Princess Mononoke. I mean, it wasn’t bad, but the ending definitely felt rushed & wasn’t all that satisfying. Additionally, despite having a 2 hour running time, there’s too many thing that aren’t established properly on top of a rushed ending.

All in all, the whole time I kept thinking ‘I could just go watch PM but I’m watching this movie’. You should still see it & I do like it, but I swear you’ll be thinking this; i.e., the similarities btwn. it & PM, the entire movie.



Saw Hal last night. Great movie! Short & sweet w/ an interesting plot twist (that was actually built up). There are a few inconsistencies here & there. Overall, enjoyed it & I definitely recommend watching it ^.^

Tonight I guess I’ll do ‘Children Who Chase Lost Voices’, which is a 2 hour commitment, but it should be interesting. Also, should totally be able to finish all that I can w/ my current cosplay project (of the sailor fuku variety 😉 ). That is, if I’m not too tired ~.~





Tera Formars has got to be one of the dumbest awesome/awesomest dumb anime I’ve seen in a while (@.@).

Been watching some of the fight scenes online &, Holy Cow, it’s stupid…but I can’t look away ~.~







How was this movie?
Absolutely phenomenal! Love the message, the magical realism was perfect, & he characters were relatable. The pacing can be reaaally slow at some points & the protag can be unbearable at points, but definitely see this movie if you haven’t already.

Again, I like it a helluva lot more than Wolf Children (WC was a great movie, but it’s honestly telling a super overdone stroy, just swap out ‘wolf children’ for race, social status, etc. &, voila, you have an overdone story).

I guess to continue my animu movie (& cosplay) benge, I’ll watch either Children Who Chase Lost Voices or Hal: The Movie tonight.


10922697_10153144176593000_1106069093583290308_nWatched Patema Inverted last night, it was OK but you can legit call the major plot twist w/in the 1st minute of watching it & the most tropey tropes ever. I technically like it more than Wolf Children, but WF has a more cohesive plot ~.~ Not to mention a somewhat confusing ending, b.s. physics (you’ll get what I mean by the end of the movie), weird pacing, & super predictability. Otherwise, I still more or less enjoyed it, I just wanted more (backstory & explanations).

Gonna continue my animu movie extravaganza tonight w/ Colorful: The Motion Picture.

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